Anyone who has signed up for an online casino will have already seen some of the offers available. The online casino industry is competitive, and bonuses are one of the ways that various sites aim to attract new players and keep them coming back.

For the player, this has made for a rich landscape of bonuses that can enhance the experience and bring additional value. But it’s important to know what you’re looking for and how to utilize each of the bonuses on offer.

This article explores the main types of online casino bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

We’re starting here because this is by far the most common and popular type of online casino bonus. You’ll find it at pretty much any and every legitimate online casino platform, although the actual amounts and percentages will vary.

This type of bonus becomes available when the player makes their first deposit. It usually comes in the form of a percentage match bonus. For example, 100 percent match up to $2,000.

This means that whatever the player deposits, they can potentially earn the stated amount as a boost to funds by playing on the site. But first players must meet the wagering requirements.

To prevent players from depositing and then instantly withdrawing their bonus funds, never to be seen again, the online casino sets requirements on how much they need to bet to release the bonus. This is often around 35x to 40x their deposit amount.

Thankfully, deposit bonuses are often released in increments. So, the more you play online casino games with your own funds, the more of the bonus is released.

Free Spins

Free spins may be given to the player as part of a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, or as a loyalty reward for consistent play. As the name suggests, the player is awarded with free spins that can be used for online slots for real money. Typically, the free spins can only be used on stated games, such as a particular online slot title. For example, a player may be given a package that includes 100 free spins, 10 spins per day on a particular game.

The spins will be low stakes, but any prizes won will be added to your bankroll or to bonus funds. Prizes won may or may not be subject to wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of online casino bonus is given to players before they even make a deposit with their own funds. All they have to do is complete the registration process and sign up to the platform. After doing so, they are given a no deposit package to play for free.

This is a less common type of casino bonus, but one that is very popular with players. No deposit bonuses typically includes either free spins or a small bonus cash amount of say $10-$20. Again, there may be wagering requirements before this bonus can be withdrawn.

What’s great for the players is that they can access this bonus without risking their own money. It’s a chance to test out the platform and some of the games on the site before making a commitment.

Refer a Friend

With this type of online casino bonus, you are rewarded every time you refer a friend to the platform. The casino benefits because they can grow their user base. Players are rewarded for this with a decent bonus that usually consists of a cash boost of, say, $100.

To activate this bonus, the existing player sends a referral link to their friend and the friend clicks on the link and joins the site. When your friend makes their first deposit, you are then rewarded with the bonus.

Crypto Deposit Bonuses

Online casino sites may offer bonuses to players who use certain methods to make their deposit, such as using cryptocurrency. This is because the casino will have to pay less transaction fees and can offset this saving by giving the player an additional bonus boost.

For example, a casino platform may offer a 100 percent match bonus for depositing using regular, traditional banking methods, but offer a 150 percent bonus when the player uses crypto.

This may also apply to the refer a friend scheme. For example, the site may offer a $100 refer a friend bonus, but offer a $150 bonus if the friend makes their deposit using crypto.

VIP Schemes

Many of the bonuses mentioned so far are aimed at new players. Yet online casinos must also make an effort to retain their player base over time. They do this by offering VIP reward schemes.

These schemes take many different shapes and sizes depending on the platform, yet the premise is usually similar. Players earn points for every dollar that they wager. The more they play, and the higher the stakes, the more points they earn.

These VIP points can then be exchanged for cash bonuses, tickets to games, or even for exclusive merchandise.