Watching movies has been the all time favorite pastime of many since it was introduced in the 19th century. People go to the movie theatre to be entertained and to forget reality for a moment. The movie industry developed continuously until the digital age when movie fanatics can watch their favorite films.

The casino, just like movies, has always been the most favored of the majority. It is a form of entertainment that never runs out of style and always depicts class and style. Its flamboyance made movie writers and filmmakers create movies inspired by the gambling house. Although the rapid rise in the popularity of online casinos seemed to shadow the land-based casino, many gamblers prefer its physical sophistication. Casino sites offer quick remedies for impulsive betting or playing card games and they indeed give satisfaction to virtual bettors. If I piqued your interest, feel free to read more about virtual betting.

In this article, we will tackle the top casino-inspired movies which made moviegoers on the edge of their seats, gave them inspiration, and realize the positive side of gambling and the drama of the effect if one loses control.

1. Vegas Vacation

A 1997 movie directed by Stephen Kessler and starred by famous actor Chevy Chase, it is a comedy film about the Griswold family who was on a family vacation to Las Vegas where the husband Clark (Chase) doesn’t know the ins and outs of gambling suddenly finds himself addicted to it, particularly in blackjack and gambles away the family bank account while his wife is having a crush on the lounge performer. The vacation might have turned out to be a bit substandard but it is entertaining.

2. The Hustler

A classic 1961 movie inspired by the true story of Rudolf Wanderone a pool hustler it is the story of a pool shark named Eddie “Fast” Felson who accepted the challenge of the Minnesota Fats for High Stakes match. He lost to the and his being destructive by nature led him to collaborate with Burt Gordon a ruthless manager and together they traveled to the Kentucky Derby where his (Fast) skill was sharpened. This movie is old but certainly gold and is still worth watching.

3. Owning Mahowny

This 2003 movie depicts a man who nearly lost everything because of his incessant gambling and his addiction which eventually became a vice. Dan Mahowny is a respectable assistant bank manager who is a compulsive gambler. His gambling became complicated when Mahowny began stealing money from the bank to pay his bookie. The movie was set in the 1980s, it is one of the most powerful 2003 movies which depicts a man’s character due to an uncontrollable vise.

4. The Croupier

A 1998 drama about a struggling writer named Jack Manfred who found a job as a croupier in a big-time casino. The sparkle and glitz as well as the dark side of the gamblers including trickery became part of Jack’s world. The story is not dragging through simply and is worth watching.

5. Casino

One of the most loved casino movies of all time is the 1995 film Casino, which was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Robert de Niro in the role of Samuel “Ace” Rothstein, an ex-mafia turned Las Vegas, a casino executive. Life seemed ordinary for Ace until he met his former mafia boss and a friend who flipped his life back to corruption, trickery, and a series of hanky panky mafia dramas.

6. Ocean’s Eleven

A 2001 blockbuster movie about Danny Ocean a convict who is on parole from New Jersey penitentiary recruited eleven skillful con artists to rob the three big-time casinos of Las Vegas which was owned by billionaire and Ocean’s love rival Terry Benedict.

7. The Cincinnati Kid

Another classic 1965 gambling movie is about Eric Stoner, a poker player also known as Cincinnati Kid. Stoner wanted to beat Lancey “The Man” Howard a poker master who happens to be in town. In the end, Howard beats Stoner with a queen straight flush. The story might be simple yet compelling for it shows the corruption and cheating, especially in the world of the high rollers.

House of gambling-inspired movies opened the in-depth world of gambling and the lifestyle of the gamblers. The casinos in the movies are the target of the mafias and con artists because of the huge money involved in gambling. Some of these movies are based on real-life stories which made the moviegoers realize that there is nothing wrong with betting as long as responsible wagering is observed.