The human body can experience many subtle problems over the course of a lifetime that reveal no obvious symptoms for years. Upon occasion, a health problem may exist and grow more severe without showing obvious signs. Conditions like diabetes and hypertension can lurk for years, causing systemic damage. These illnesses are often discovered through routine tests. Sometimes as well, the symptoms of one condition mimic another. This is a big part of the reason that physicians are compelled to order so many tests when serious symptoms do appear: Particular illnesses must be ruled out for an accurate diagnosis to be made.

Fortunately, we live in a time when it is possible for you to privately evaluate your body chemistry and pick up on potential problems, allowing you to rule out other conditions as well.

Testosterone Deficit Quietly Causes Many Physical Issues

For example, one particular hormonal deficiency that often goes undiagnosed is low male testosterone, which is popularly called “low T.” There are a number of health problems that develop in men who become deficient in testosterone. Because this issue typically occurs in men as they age, many attribute these bodily changes to advancing years without testing their hormonal levels. A lack of sufficient testosterone can result in several significant problems:

  • Decreased mental focus
  • Elevated body fat along with the loss of muscle
  • Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased bone density
  • Melancholia

This problem can be tested for simply thanks to the home kits provided by companies like Tigeni. While every man is unique,  those with a testosterone level below 300 in general are considered to be deficient in this essential compound and thus eligible for hormone replacement.

Checking for Hormonal Problems Can Be Done Privately

As well as hormonal problems like testosterone deficiency, there are many different health concerns can be tested for in the privacy of your own home. This type of at-home health care monitoring began with the advent of diabetes testing. Today there are many health screenings that can be accomplished without the necessity of traveling to the doctor’s office or an impersonal testing facility. You can screen yourself for A1C, cholesterol, vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as other body chemistry examinations. Some of the better home screening providers not only make user-friendly test kits but also can refer you to a health care provider so you can discuss the significance of test results.

There Are Options for Testosterone Replacement

If a testing kit shows potential health problems, you will be able to respond to these issues promptly, as opposed to remaining unaware of any problems. For example, if you discover that you have a low testosterone level, you will have several different hormone replacement options.

One of the newer treatments is a patch containing a testosterone gel that is placed on the skin daily. Injections, usually given every week by the doctor or else self-administered, are another possibility. Another option is the implanting of testosterone pellets, which last for about four months until they are absorbed by the body. Testosterone typically is not administered orally. This is because the digestive system breaks down testosterone supplements, resulting in little useful hormone reaching the patient’s bloodstream.

There Are Potential Positive Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement

Usually, whenever there is a discussion of the side effects of a medicine or hormonal treatment, the implication is that these secondary results are negative. It should be noted, however, that often the side effects of a medical treatment are beneficial.

When finasteride was first introduced as a medicine to treat prostate problems, researchers quickly observed that this compound also resulted in the regrowth of hair in those suffering male pattern baldness. Likewise, there are several side effects reported among those receiving testosterone replacement that are generally regarded as positive. These side effects include increased muscle strength and bone density, thickened beard growth, elevated mood, increased number of red blood cells, heightened libido and improved sexual performance.

The best news is that at-home testing kits make it possible to you to be more aware of your body chemistry and health markers. This in turn makes you more able to make your own decisions about taking care of yourself, whether it's looking into testosterone replacement or making lifestyle changes to improve your health.