Romantic tourism is when romance is in the air, restaurants open their doors, inviting you to candlelight dinner, and hotels are ready to provide suites for a serene vacation—why not a dream? Taking a romantic weekend getaway or honeymooning with your loved one is the perfect gift you can imagine. Such rest helps to strengthen feelings, and if the pleasant sensations from living together have faded a little, it will also return the reverential love to each other.

Romantic Travel Destinations

There are beautiful resorts where newlyweds and couples in love can spend time in every country, so even if you are going on a family trip, on a sightseeing tour, or a beach vacation, choose at least a day to spend time with one of the mail order brides you have met. You only need to find the best places for a romantic getaway and enjoy each other’s company. The most popular and marvelous countries to visit are:

1. Mauritius is a tiny state as if destined for romantic trips. It offers impeccable service, magnificent beaches, a calm ocean, and privacy from prying eyes. The island hotels offer significant discounts to newlyweds: up to 50% and a bunch of gifts, a fantastic mood, and boundless care for guests are guaranteed here.

2. Fabulous Seychelles—the high cost is the only drawback. Otherwise, Seychelles is second to none, a romantic trip for a couple in love will be remembered for a lifetime. You should spend at least a day on the beach of Sours de Argens, taking pictures of stones polished by water against the background of the sea and white sand. Of course, it can be boring here if you like fun, but there are no crowds of tourists that interfere with your rest.

3. Bali is also not a cheap option, but the price is compensated by the perfect service. Inveterate romantics do not mind having a rest in Bali. Here you can go on a romantic yacht trip, see the Git-Git waterfalls, visit the bamboo chocolate factory and Eco Beach. Among the places of interest are the Agung volcano, the Gili islands, and the resort area of Lovina, where you can swim with dolphins.

4. You can go on a romantic sailing trip in Turkey for a reasonable fee. Honeymoon tours include must-see Alanya Caves, Cleopatra Beach, Fethiye Valley of the Butterflies, and Istanbul’s romantic atmosphere. If the bride is a fan of oriental serials and fairy tales about a beautiful life, she will definitely like it here.

5. Having got out on a romantic sailing trip to Italy, you will be able to see no end of beautiful places. Venice alone deserves close attention—walking on bridges, riding gondolas on the canals, visiting Juliet’s house.… Here you can see the city of a hundred towers (Lucca), the Ligurian coast, Sicily, and the Baths of Saturnia. However, in most of these places, there are so many tourists that you can forget about solitude for a long time.

Venice canal boat

6. France is a country without competition. It is better to start a romantic trip from Paris, visit the town of Rocamadour, Alpine Venice, the stormy sea of Etretat, a village on the Gordes hill. Wine lovers will appreciate the city of Riquewier, history connoisseurs—the glorious city of Beaune, and everyone who melts from pirate romance—Saint-Malo in Brittany.

Romantic Weekend

A romantic weekend getaway for two is an opportunity to see new countries and cities with a loved one, to get positive impressions and great shared memories. A little romantic weekend adventure will help diversify your relationship and end your work week well. It is recommended to consider:

A romantic trip to Paris. The very air of this city seems to be filled with magic. It is worth visiting the Eiffel Tower, strolling along the Champs-Élysées, admiring the impressive architecture of Notre Dame to experience this fully.

Magnificent Vienna will not leave you indifferent to its special atmosphere of light solemnity. In this city, you only need to enjoy coffee in the Mozart café, see the collection of museums, admire the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace and take a ride in a carriage.

The sights of brilliant Italy will amaze you with their harmony and splendor. The antiquities of magnificent Rome, the romantic atmosphere of Verona, and the extraordinary beauty of Venice’s canals will leave an unforgettable experience for many days after a romantic getaway.

Exotic islands. In the afternoon—a cocktail of tropical fruits on the beach, and in the evening—an incendiary fire show. A romantic trip for two will be filled with the sound of waves and beautiful pacifying landscapes.