Casino games are increasingly getting creative, and some new varieties are extraordinary. This was common in traditional casinos and later adapted by online platforms. If you’re interested in playing the available quirky varieties, here is a look at some popular and interesting online casino games.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Tic-tac-toe is uniquely named and likely to pick your interest. It is mostly called the “chicken challenge,” whose dynamics are similar to those of noughts and crosses, playing against a chicken named Ginger.

The interesting casino game originated in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where people play against a real live chicken.

The game's rules are straightforward: The character who gets three consecutive Xs or Os between you and the chicken wins. Betway also offers unique casino games that can take you further than Atlantic City and have straightforward rules for easy and convenient gameplay.


Pachinko is a great option if you like Japanese anime, with the game originating from an Asian country. Interestingly it is an adaptation from traditional machined versions, now available as animated characters in video slots.

The game’s dynamics involve a unique combination of pinball and slot machines, making it enjoyable and competitive. Similarly to any Betway bet, you must plan efficiently before executing the ball release.

Your goal is to get many of these balls by dropping each into a catcher, and hope you get extras coming out.

Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is a variant of the Acey-Deucey casino game, and its tech makes it simpler. Therefore, you won't have to memorize complicated poker rules.

The online casino version involves placing a bet, then being dealt two cards; you can also place another bet to double your initial stake and be dealt a third card.

Ultimate Hold’em Poker

This extraordinary poker variety is known to have risen above the Red Dog poker version through its improvements. It is relatively straightforward, especially if you know Texas Holdem guidelines. Additionally, the game is rather favorable compared to most casino varieties, with an excellent house edge, below 2%.

With Texas Holdem rules, the Betway platform outlines the steps to follow, helping you familiarize yourself with the game. Nonetheless, Ultimate Hold'em poker is unique despite having similar traits to the Texas variety.

Casino War

The card war has a long history; the online version involves unique features and additions. Therefore, it is easy to understand and doesn’t require exquisite planning for good results. Here are its rules:

  • Competitors start with an equal number of cards.
  • Players pick the card from the top at the same time.
  • The highest-valued card wins.
  • War begins if the totals are the same.
  • 4 cards are then drawn, where 3 are set facing down.
  • You win the round if your fourth card has a higher number where you also keep all cards dealt.


Countless quirky and interesting games are out there, and the article mentions some of the famous versions readily available. Feel free to try any, whether as an expert or a beginner, where these online casino games come with their playing manual.