There are now more and more conversations happening regarding the coronavirus and the potential link to 5G. People are also coming up with even more conspiracy theories as well. Claims are now suggesting that Covid-19 is a cover-up for the health hazards that are coming as the result of 5G and that the technology itself is suppressing the immune system. Experts on the other hand have come out to say that this is completely baseless.

Celebrities and Their Opinions of 5G

Several celebrities have come out to join the conversation and Woody Harrelson has also shared a post that linked the pandemic to the 5G release. In the UK, the situation has intensified as a phone mast was set on fire. It’s important to know that the release of 5G is being done to try and give people better internet speeds. If you play online bingo or if you partake in any kind of online activity then you will know how important it is to maintain good speeds. 5G is becoming more and more important as time goes on because websites are becoming complex, and user needs are increasing.

Computer circuits up close in neon

What is 5G?

5G is a wireless network that was deployed in the year 2019. This was done to try and help telecommunication systems and even mobile connectivity too. The main thing that you need to remember about 5G is that it also works at a much higher frequency when compared to previous releases. Prior to the outbreak of the virus, a lot of people were talking about the possible impact that 5G could have on a person’s health. Since the outbreak began, people have begun to link the two with each other.

Is It Linked?

The UK government have come out to say that there is absolutely no link between the two. Mobile UK, who are a trade union for mobile providers in the UK have commented on the status of the claims, saying that the idea of it being linked is not grounded, nor accepted in any kind of scientific theory. It’s worrying because some people are abusing the key 5G workers and even threatening them because they are now not able to do their job. It also means that when hospitals and critical care workers need access to tech, they are not able to get it properly and this is going to really work against them.

Yusuf Sambo

Yusuf Sambo is a researcher over at the University of Glasgow. He is testing 5G in Glasgow and he has told a source that he could acknowledge the health fears that people have regarding 5G, but it has nothing at all to do with the virus. People need to know that by destroying 5G masts, they are not helping anyone, in fact, they are making it harder for people to get their jobs done and they could also be hindering the critical care service too.

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