Games based on TV shows have always attracted special attention of gamblers because of their special atmosphere. So Plinko game Canada got its well-deserved popularity. This is because you can win huge sums here. Each bet makes a profit (sometimes more than the bet, sometimes less), but you will never get a zero return. The biggest win a player can get in Plinko game is $1,573,400! That is why online Plinko for money is one of the best options. Now let's address how this slot works and what its technical characteristics are.

How to Win Plinko

You should start with how to play Plinko. After all, the gameplay here is different from ordinary slots. First, the player sets the bet size. Range: from 1 to 100. On the game screen there will be a board in the form of a pyramid with cells. When the player presses Play, the ball falls on the board and goes down the cells.

The coefficients are written at the base of the pyramid. Depending on which cell the ball falls into, you get a win. In the center it is the smallest, and on the periphery it is larger. So, how to win Plinko, it is impossible to say for sure. After all, no one knows where the ball will land.

You can control the gameplay in the following ways:

  • Change the number of cells along which the ball will descend
  • Choose the level of risk (from low to high)

Thus, the player gains control over the level of risk, which makes this slot stand out from the rest. Plinko betting is more comfortable for those who have a limited bankroll. It also allows high rollers to clearly see to what extent they are risking their money.

Features and Specifications

Plinko online gambling is considered one of the most profitable. Since even the smallest win does not leave the player with a zero score. You can play for a very long time by changing the level of risk and the number of cells.

The game has a fairly high percentage of estimated returns. It is 99%. For slots, for example, such an indicator is unattainable. At the same time, Plinko has low volatility (that is, low risk). Players get wins here quite often, which helps them avoid losing heart.

The game is designed in a very simple style. There are no special bonus rounds or jackpots here. It all depends on the luck of the gambler and on how correctly they set the bet size and other options.

In general, the game should be tried by everyone who is tired of the same type of slot mechanics and prefers a more unusual entertainment. Here you can significantly increase your Plinko game stake and enjoy the process.