There’s nothing we love more than winning money. This is why whether they’re online or offline, casinos are part and parcel of the American experience. But while cash is good, and so is the occasional luxury car jackpot, you might be surprised to know that some casinos have much more interesting things to offer in terms of prizes.

A Summer Cruise to the Mediterranean

The way online casinos offer bonuses, jackpots, memberships, and other digital treats to rake in more players is nothing new. Sometimes, this includes point-based rewards systems that allow players to purchase more play time or even merchandise from certain casinos. And while it can be fun to buy a simple t-shirt at Energy Casino’s online shop for comp points, it’s even more exhilarating to earn enough points to buy their summer cruise to Malta. Persistent enough players might soon find themselves with enough points for a trip to this gorgeous Mediterranean island. How’s that for a jackpot?

A Steak Dinner

To say that this particular prize is a mixed bag would be an understatement. When New York-based Katrina Bookman won the $43 million jackpot at Resorts World Casino’s Sphinx cash machine, she was ecstatic—up until the management told her that it was a glitch that caused her win. In lieu of the jackpot money, she was offered a steak dinner instead. Yum! Unfortunately, in the ensuing lawsuit, the New York State Gambling Commission’s investigation revealed that it was indeed a malfunction that caused the win, and that the maximum bonus the machine is authorized to give is just $6,500. Perhaps Bookman should’ve said yes to that steak dinner invitation instead.


If you’re a fan of decentralized currency, you might be happy to find out that Bitcoin is becoming a more and more common form of accepted currency with many online casino providers. This is mainly due to the convenience and speed at which Bitcoin can be traded as compared to fiat currencies, making it more ideal for certain casinos and players. And while using Bitcoin for gambling is currently reserved for online or digital casinos, given its popularity, you can bet that brick-and-mortar casino providers are looking into making it usable in their physical establishments as well.

A Virtual Car

This is a prize that you can only win inside a game. In GTA Online, the 2019 Diamond Casino update gives players a once-a-day spin on the wheel for the chance to win the virtual car of their dreams. There’s a brand-new car on offer each week, cycling through GTA’s roster of fictional luxury muscle cars, any of which will make you the virtual talk of the digital town. And if your daily spin doesn’t net you the podium car, you might get game dollars instead, or even clothes you can use to pimp your virtual avatar. It may not be a real car, but it’s certainly a great spin on the classic luxury car jackpot offered by traditional casinos.