Job interviews can make even the most confident and capable applicants a bit anxious. For those who suffer from a social anxiety disorder, however, a job interview can leave you paralyzed with fear. Your heart starts racing, you begin to sweat, your words become slurred or stuttered, and your thoughts are all over the place. Obviously, getting through the interview is imperative to landing a job, so learning how to cope with your anxiety beforehand is your best bet.

Do Your Research

Unpreparedness is one of the top triggers of job interview anxiety. Before your scheduled appointment, it is ideal that you know more than just the position you’re applying to and how much it pays. Research the company culture, the industry, and even some of the interviewers if this information is available. This gives you talking points and makes a good first impression.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another way to be prepared for your interview and reduce your anxiety is to practice in advance. While you may not know exactly what you’re going to be asked in an interview, a quick internet search can provide you with some common questions and answers to rehearse. Ask one or two people that you know and trust to help you out by pretending to be the interviewers. They can provide you with feedback after each trial run until you feel more comfortable.

Write Down Your Strengths

When you start doubting yourself this can cause you to become anxious during your job interview. A great way to combat this is to keep a list of your strengths with you. Write down what makes you a great candidate for the position you’re applying for and keep repeating these strengths to yourself every time you start to feel nervous.

Start Your Day Off Right

Acing a job interview is all about having confidence and a positive mindset. If you show up to your interview all stressed out, you’re doomed from the beginning. So, be sure to start your day off right. Get up early, do a bit of meditation, take a warm shower or bath, get dressed, and make sure that you’ve had a well-balanced breakfast so you don’t pass out from lack of nutrition. You can even try cbd drinks to help boost your mood and ease anxiety.

Dress to Impress

When you feel good about how you look you tend to feel a bit less anxious about the job interview. So, take some time to pick out the ideal attire to wear. Be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned and ironed your clothes to avoid a messy appearance.

Show Up on Time

Tardiness will not only make a bad impression on the interviewers it tends to intensify your anxiety. Make sure that you have mapped out where you’re heading for the interview and that you allow yourself enough time to arrive. Getting there at least 15 to 30 minutes in advance is ideal.

Take Your Time

Though you don’t want to be there all day, trying to rush through your interview can cause you to fumble your words, mess up, and become even more anxious. So, take your time. Listen to what the interviewers are saying and take a few silent deep breaths before answering. Try to be assertive, clear, and concise with what you’re saying. If you make a mistake, don’t become panicked. Instead, apologize, admit you’re a bit nervous and start over.

Have Questions for the Interviewers

The feeling of having no control can trigger your anxiety. Talking to individuals of authority who ultimately hold your future in their hands can be very intimidating. It helps to know that you too are interviewing the company to see if they are a good fit for you. Having some questions for the interviewers helps to take the spotlight off of you for a few minutes. So, be sure to write down a few before the interview.

Job interviews are intimidating, to say the least. You’re in front of high-powered individuals hoping to get a chance to join their organization. They’re essentially analyzing your every move from the moment you walk in. The best way to try and put those fears aside and ace your interview is to identify your anxiety triggers and eliminate them as best you can. It can take a while for you to get the hang of it, but with these tips and a bit of practice, you’re sure to get the job sooner than you think.