There is no denying that technology has changed the way we view sports forever, which has had an increased effect with the product that is presented both on and off the field with new feats of technological advancements only expected to be added throughout the coming years that will only continue to implement its own unique presentation of sports even further.

While sports have forever thrived off the impact that has been brought by professional athletes during their many encounters on the field, there is also a glaring amount of continuous investment from fans from all across the world throughout the past number of decades.

During this time span, technology has also evolved at an exponential rate which has since allowed the sporting industry to intertwine with the digital circuit in an effort to greater improve or even potentially develop the representation of all sports and their most popular leagues and events to a whole new level.

Nowadays, there are many visible pieces of technology that are always being utilized across a variety of sports which has only helped to increase the overall amount of intrigue within sports and produce several global icons.


One of the most important pieces of technology that is used across a majority of sports is the introduction of various new advanced forms of digital devices that have further impacted the way that sports are officiated by game referees.

Match officials can now use technology as a means to determine the outcome of any significant play on the field that might impact the game and as a means to fully eliminate human error from the sport in question, which has often remained an area that fans have voiced their frustration towards should their team be on the wrong side of a play that would be altered upon further review.

In the NFL for example, the league has now implemented the use of Microsoft tablets and microphones around any venue which can be used by both teams and the officials to look back on a play, meaning that if the New York Jets are on the losing outcome of another disappointing game due to a questionable play, the refs can look back on the incident to decide whether the ruling on the field was correct which can result in a different outcome in both the score and for any punters who are wagering with the latest caesars NY promo code on Caesars Sportsbook.

The same is true for other sports such as soccer who now utilize a video assistant referee that is being enforced for a number of top soccer leagues as a way for the refs to go over to a monitor and discuss the outcome of any on-field decision with their fellow colleagues in order to determine whether the ruling is fair or must be adjusted.

Fan Interaction

Another key influence for technology in sports is that such advancements have further allowed fans to interact with the sports that they adore on both a physical and technological level of play.

One of these include the licensing and production of sports themed video games that allow fans to take control of their favorite teams and players across a virtual platform and compete for some of the many major honors that are available in the actual competition that the game is centered around.

Many games such as Madden, FIFA (or EAFC as the franchise is now known as) and NBA 2K among many others, have since become mainstream titles that are now played by millions of gamers all around the world, which even include some of the athletes themselves.

Social media is also an instrumental part of fan and player interaction as well as other sporting corporations that may often post news or significant updates regarding some of the many latest sporting headlines.

There are many other impressive aspects of technology that only continue to allow more fans to interact with the sports that they love which has greatly influenced and impacted the way that sports are now presented to fans from all over the world no matter their allegiances to any league.


Sports broadcasting has remained a pivotal factor of the distribution of media for decades and has only continued to gain an even greater level of traction thanks to further technological advancements.

Most broadcasts now include several high-definition cameras that provide viewers at home with an astounding look at the action on the field as well as other much welcomed additions that include statistical breakdowns, replays, analysis and other advanced forms of digital technology.

There are now numerous corporations that are fully dedicated to the distribution of sports media across a digital platform what has only increased the amount of fans that continue to remain involved with the latest developments in a variety of sports, with many more impressive advancements sure to be added in the near future such as CGI effects which are now becoming a mainstay across various sporting professions.