The world of medical marijuana has exploded over the past decade, so it's no big shock that as technology also becomes more influential in everyday life, the two have found ways to combine their efforts. In many ways, technology has helped with the acceptance of marijuana in both the medical and recreational sense. As more studies are conducted that incorporate medical marijuana and yield progressive and positive results, more people have been able to expand their minds to possibilities beyond the traditional.

Application Process

Traditionally, to be able to be given a medical prescription, you would have to physically see your doctor and be written a specific order for your medicine. With marijuana emerging as a holistic alternative to prescribed medications, technology has created an opportunity for a greater outreach and more streamlined application process. You can now see a medical marijuana doctor in California, or you can apply for your card online and expedite the process. Either way, technology will play a huge role because once you are approved, you can immerse yourself in the industry from the comfort of your own home. The online retail market has changed the habits of the typical consumer and the medical marijuana industry is no exception.


Apps have blown the e-commerce world wide open. Almost every business, and product can now be sold, bought, even traded, through an app. Technology has made this a fun a seamless process and consumers are appreciative. Being able to legally purchase marijuana online through your smartphone and have it delivered safely to your home is revolutionary when you think about where this industry was even as little as ten years ago. Dispensaries are also taking advantage of smartphone capability regarding their business plans. New point of sales systems are being implemented in many locations that more efficiently connect all the links involved in the cannabis supply chain.

Growing Equipment

The at-home grower can thank tech advancements for making their endeavor easier than ever. New equipment has made it possible for users to grow their own supply without putting a huge strain on energy resources, a common point of contention in the opposition’s arguments. The use of LED lights as a replacement for traditional lighting in at-home grow operations significantly reduces your financial expense as well.

Strain Development and Improvement

Technology has made it possible for developers to examine and understand the composition of their marijuana strains. Being able to identify everything from the recreational experience, to the medical benefits through DNA sequencing, is a huge step forward for the holistic medicine community. Marijuana development is not just something that is not just stumbled upon haphazardly. Professionals are dedicating hours upon hours to creating combinations and variances that serve a specific purpose as well as modernize the industry.

CBD is a perfect example of this. Because this unique strain was discovered and all its properties were identified, such as it not being water soluble, professionals were able to develop products containing CBD that can be used in ways that differ from traditional cannabis. Without technology this unique strain would not have been able to be isolated and ultimately lend itself to an entirely new product line that exists within the industry.

The Future

While more and more states continue to legalize, there are still obstacles in the way of becoming entirely mainstream, especially with the negative stigma that still surrounds cannabis in some individuals and portions of the country. For those that are looking at starting a business, there are a plethora of legal hurdles to overcome in order to set up shop. On a personal level, there is still pushback from a corporate perspective on drug testing, which can seem like a conflict of interest of being “legal” but “illegal” when it comes to your job. On a family level, there are discussions to be had as certain responsibilities have to be followed, much like drinking alcohol to an extent. Considering it has been an illegal drug for most of its existence, there is an overall learning curve on how to handle cannabis, but slowly it seems to be trending in the right direction of being universally accepted, because we sure see the market value growth continue to climb.

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