Baccarat is an excellent choice if you're looking for a table game with simple rules. The game, which originated in Italy, has grown in popularity everywhere, particularly at Macau-based casinos, where it is extremely popular with high rollers. Baccarat tables are available online, so you don't have to go around the world to play. Stay with us to discover more about the many Baccarat variants available at virtual and real tables.

Punto Banco Baccarat

Punto Banco is a baccarat variant that has been played for decades in land-based casinos across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia—and is now a popular live dealer game online. The game was invented in Argentinian casinos and imported to the United States in the 1950s, forever transforming the era of gambling.

It's still a player favorite today, available only in high-end VIP casinos, and a vital player in the US gaming sector. Punto Banco is—the name of a type of baccarat game that gets played online. Punto banco players, like blackjack players, must place a real money wager before seeing any cards.

Mini Baccarat

Although the baccarat version follows the same rules and gameplay—as Punto Banco, it has a large following among players. It's no wonder that Mini Baccarat is so popular because it's a lower-stakes variant of the classic card game. Mini baccarat is a great alternative for those who want to play baccarat for fun but are on a budget. Another distinguishing feature of the game is that it gets played on a smaller table—most of the other varieties, as hinted by its name. Mini baccarat gets played at a faster tempo—which appeals to most bettors who only have time for a round or two over lunch or a smoke break.

Baccarat EZ

EZ Baccarat is a popular Asian casino table game in California, and it's played similarly to baccarat. There is a “Banker” and a “Player,” and you can bet on either.

The letters E-Z stand for “no commission.” This variation of baccarat is simple to learn and play. The dealer deals two hands — the Player and the Banker—with two cards each. The objective—is to guess which hand's total will be closest to nine.

A 2004 variant in winning banker and player bets get paid even money. Except when the banker wins with a total of 7 after the third card gets drawn, in which case banker bets get pushed. A bet on a winning three-card eight on the player side that pays 25-to-1 instead of moving.

Chemin de fer

Chemin de Fer is one of the oldest varieties, and it may be the game that gave birth to บาคาร่า! The name gets derived from the French word “railway.” It's a multi-player variant in which you can't gamble on the banker, who takes turns playing the role.

The banker places a tentative wager of a certain sum that can only get matched by one of the players. The rest of the players must keep betting until the total equals or exceeds the sum set aside by the banker. The game gets played with six decks of 52 cards, and the player—with the highest bet is the first to play.