Performances and entertainment are common in casinos in Las Vegas. Both serve as additional highlights of the night for the guests and players. This is true whenever there are special reservations. Of course, a music act is one of the most popular entertainments in casinos. This performance is filled with music and singing, which splendidly light up the ambience. Music acts also serves to add to experience and it shouldn’t be missed out on, but here we list some from what we consider the golden age of Sin City.

Given that, here are the best vintage era music acts performed in Las Vegas casinos.


This performer stands alone before a crowd of casino players and guests with such suave and confidence. With his classic piano, bowtie, and signature outfit, Liberace was able to perform such lovely pieces. His outfit is one of a kind in Las Vegas performances since he prefers handmade suits and capes with dripping jewels and gems. These are his trademark, along with his soothing music that moved the casino players. Also, Liberace’s looks used to be so appealing for ladies.

Elvis Presley

Who wouldn’t know a romantic man like Elvis Presley? Throughout his career, Elvis performed not only in his concerts but also in casinos, where his presence and talent were highly demanded by players. He had the stage presence and appearance that easily drew thousands of fans from Las Vegas and nearby states. Sadly, the glory days of the King of Rock in his glittery jump suit wowing the adoring fans at the height of Sin City are long over, but the best live casino experience at Casumo is your ticket to a virtual Las Vegas adventure of your own.

The Rat Pack

If we’re going to talk about the best band, then it is the Rat Pack. This band is composed of the greatest entertainers of all time, namely Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis, Jr. They were all top-tier entertainers who easily drew attention and crowd once they started performing. Also, with the band’s Bishop, who was a master of banter and Lawford, who was also an outstanding performer, the time and effort of the audience were all worth it. In addition to that, the band members were all funny, so the whole performance had no dull moments. They even smoked and made jokes during performances that entertained the crowd.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion, the singer behind Titanic’s hit “My Heart Will Go On,” is also considered as one of the best vintage singers to perform in Las Vegas. Her performances were a blast that thousands came to see her sing. Also, she had a lot of accompaniments in every performance, such as an orchestra, acrobatics, performance videos, and many more. No one can deny that she is indeed a great performer even today!

Siegfried and Roy

For magic, the duo Siegfried and Roy are the best! They were magicians who performed stunning tricks and mind-blowing shows. Both came from Germany and later found their fame in Las Vegas. Here, they were able to perform in different shows, concerts, and even casinos. They only stopped performing in 2003 when Roy was bitten by a tiger while performing.

Wayne Newton

Lastly, we have Wayne Newton, who was considered the face of entertainment history in Las Vegas. Over the years, Newton was assumed to perform in almost 30,000 shows in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. This is the main reason why he was named Mr. Las Vegas.

During the start of his career, Newton used to perform with other members of the Newton Brothers, but he broke out and continued performing on his own. Mostly, his performances were in hotels and casinos. During Sammy Davis Jr.’s sick leave, Newton was the replacement and was able to headline Frontier. All in all, he had grace on stage.

The world of casinos is truly splendid, thrilling, and filled with entertainment. The acts performed by the entertainers mentioned above made it livelier than ever.