You can have the best content in the world, but if your online casino website is poorly designed, then not a lot of players are going to pay attention to it. This is especially true in the European and Scandinavian online casino market, where people are bombarded with advertisements all of the time.

Guest author Michael Vestersen (read more about this expert here) shares with us nine tips for hiring a great graphic design firm for your online gaming sites.

If you want your online casino to shine amidst a sea of competitors, then you need to make sure that your graphic design team is on point. In this article, we will give you nine key tips that you can use to select a top graphic design firm to design or revamp your online casino website.

1. Ask for Sample Work

Remember that hiring a graphic design agency means you have a partner, not a mind-reader. One way to judge what your partner is capable of is to ask for previous samples of their work. A lot of graphic design firms will be more than happy to provide examples of their work.

You can look at their samples and use them as a gauge to measure what they are capable of. If you don’t like the samples, move on to another firm.

2. Previous Online Casino Experience

You should think twice about working with a graphic design firm that has no experience when it comes to designing an online casino or betting website. We suggest working with an experienced design firm that has a good portfolio of online web sites as they will know what works and does not work for the online gambling market.

If you are in Denmark and are looking for a good graphic designer, we suggest first finding out which danske casino you like and then use that as a template to let your designer know what bedste online casino style you prefer. The clearer you are with your requirements, the easier it is for your designer to meet your needs.

3. Flexible and Friendly

There are going to be times when you want or need your graphic design firm to go out of their comfort zone. You want them to listen to your requests instead of automatically brushing them off as impossible or not user-friendly.

You should be able to get an indication of the flexibility and friendliness of your graphic design team in your initial talks. If you don’t get a clear indication, make sure you ask about revisions and special requests and see what they say.

4. Designing for Mobile Devices

Because there are so many users on mobile devices, you have to make sure that your graphic designers are experienced in designing mobile-friendly casinos.

A lot of the time, mobile casinos will want a certain look or feel to their design that is different from what you see on desktops. Mobile gaming is the future and you want to hire a graphic firm that has a strong portfolio of mobile-friendly casinos.

5. Notable Clients

If a graphic design firm is good at what they do, then you should be able to find plenty of notable clients in their past.

Companies are more than willing to list their references for anyone who requests it, so don't be afraid to ask them if they can provide any information on your behalf.

6. Ensure They Fit Your Budget

Graphic design can be an expensive affair, especially if you want your online casino to pop off right away.

Try to set aside a decent budget for this kind of work, but make sure you don't go overboard with your finances.

You can always try to negotiate with the firm and see what they're willing to do. If you work together well, then it's worth asking them if there are any special promotions or offers that could bring the cost down.

7. Expected Turnaround Times

Since graphic design is very much a creative industry, it can be difficult to estimate how long a project will take.

Being clear about how soon you need your delivery is essential. If you find that a firm is not confident about meeting your delivery deadlines, look elsewhere.

8. Find Out What Inspires Them

Ask your prospective firm about their design inspirations as it will help you get an idea of what to expect going forward. It also gives you a chance to elaborate on your vision and make sure that they will be able to bring it to life.

9. Confidentiality

Be clear about the level of confidentiality you require from them at the outset to prevent any misunderstandings down the line as graphic firms like to share their portfolios with different clients. If you don’t want your identity and online casino featured in their portfolio, make it clear at the start.

We are confident that these nine tips will help you hire a great graphic design firm in the future!