We all have at least one funny story from our college years. Whether you enrolled ten years ago or just graduated, you might clearly remember that moment—everyone laughed, and the classroom filled up with joy.

Since we’re starting school again, I thought it might be appropriate to remember the funniest moments I’ve experienced during college. These next stories serve as comic relief and might bring you back to the past—these are some of the stories I’ve heard throughout the years and made me either smile or burst into tears laughing. Hope they’ll serve their purpose, as I’m sure you’ve been here before. We all have.

1. Fear of not having done our homework.

Not having our homework done felt really bad, didn’t it? We would go straight into panic mode and try to do it last minute, hoping our teachers wouldn’t find out. I once found out that my student’s grandma was writing his homework. When I asked him, “when do you prefer to do your homework, during the morning, evening, or at night?” he answered, “my grandma does it for me, I can call her and ask.” The whole classroom laughed to tears… and then I called the grandma and asked her to stop, of course.

2. Having partied way too much.

House parties were a regular thing when I was in college—and I’m sure they’re popular now too. One time I woke up at 7:50 am at my friend’s house and had to attend class at 8. I did not have time to take a shower, so I still smelled like booze. My Lit professor could smell me…. Having felt bad, I went back to the dorm to take a quick shower in between classes but forgot that my history essay was supposed to be sent in by 8 pm. I sat down nervously and started writing it but to no avail—if I had written it, I would’ve had to skip my next class, which was going to be an exam. Thank goodness I remembered I could ask for help with essay writing, so I did. It was hectic and disastrous, but I did it! I’ll never forget that night. I went to bed exhausted and hadn’t drunk for days!

3. Spending summers by the ocean.

One of my students once told me, “I spent my whole summer by the ocean and now I feel like a mermaid.” That entire academic year, she would only make mermaid jokes. Nobody expected this but for Halloween, she actually dressed like a mermaid and had random people carry her around the school halls. Hilarious!

Students in the crowd laughing

4. Noisy parties when you’re studying hard.

You guys, noisy parties are a pain in the bum, and I know we’ve all experienced them. They’re great when you’re present, but they’re so annoying when you’re next door, trying to focus on your homework. Here’s a challenge: tell me about the noisiest party you haven’t been to!

5. Making friends and skipping classes.

We’ve all had that one friend that makes us do bad things—skipping classes, drinking beer, excessively watching horror movies. My friend tricked me into joining a ballet class once and she didn’t show up. It was April 1st, of course. I was more like a tomb boy so you could only imagine how I felt being there alone… while she was getting drunk next door!

Is Humor a Good Learning Technique?

Humor has been shown to be effectively used in the classroom. Many professors use this technique today to help students achieve their academic goals. Happy, positive behavior is more likely to be remembered in the classroom when students unwind and become more relaxed. By employing this technique, professors become closer to students and build better rapport, as studies have shown. After consistent research, Appleby, PhD, found out that humor in the classroom shows:

  • An increase in motivation and self-learning by the student.
  • An increase in studying in general since the materials are more accessible to the student.
  • An increase in class attendance.
  • An increase of interest in learning more about the topic at hand.
  • A decrease in anxiety related to the subject at hand or dealing with challenging material.
  • An increase in test performance and divergent thinking.
  • A more cohesive environment that promotes emotional learning.
  • A more cohesive learning environment where professors and students get to know each other and get along more.

Many professors and teachers might believe that a “more fun” environment might make the classroom look like a joke or might make students less serious. Apparently, the opposite is true. As shown by research, a positive classroom leads to more positive endeavors and can only improve the academic experience. That being said, bringing humor to the classroom might be highly beneficial for you, students.

I hope these stories light up your day and make you happier. As a student, I know you might’ve empathized with some of them! As a professor, don’t worry—bringing humor to the classroom can only improve the learning experience. So, let’s bring humor to the classrooms again!