It's been more than two decades since the first mobile game came out. And games these days keep getting better and better.

Some games have never been so much fun and hilarious at the same time. Sometimes, you'll even find it hard to stop playing because it's so enjoyable.

Many games can help you pass the time. You can also click here to try various games, such as play-to-earn games.

Meanwhile, here is a list of Android and iOS games that can bring you a lot of laughter. So, go ahead, smile and indulge.

Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers is one of the funniest games ever for iOS and Android. The plot is hilarious, addicting, and incredibly entertaining.

In the far-off future, Earth is plagued with the undead. But, a big thanks to two intergalactic businessmen named A.J. and Bud. These two agreed on setting up a shop on Earth to capture all the zombies.

By selling zombie juice, they make planet Earth safe while earning. Yes, A.J. and Bud catch zombies to sell their juice in the drive-thru shop they own.

The game requires you to roam zombie-infested places and catch the undead. The job is more manageable at first but gets more difficult as you advance and pass levels.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage will drive you insane with its uncertainty and dark humor. You get to control a 16-bit elastic dog named Silly Sausage and lead him on his journey through Meat Land.

Silly Sausage must obtain gems and evade fatal meat-slashing machines along the way. The game comprises 50 levels divided by doghouse checkpoints.

You can lengthen the dog as much as you need and in any location. One of the silliest parts of the game is that you can stretch Silly Sausage to smell his behind.

Call of Doodie

Call of Doodie is a bit of a parody of the excellent game Call Of Duty. This game allows gamers to regulate overworked workers as they feel uncomfortable getting to the restroom.

The game also puts in extra doors that may or may not be the washroom you need. Going to the bathroom has never been hilarious and complex at the same time.

Mmm, Fingers

Mmm, Fingers tends to turn a frustrating loss into laughter. It's a high score single-touch game, where you have to ensure your finger evades monsters and traps. Your finger get eaten if they end up touching the obstacles.

Keep in mind that the hurdles move. You have to stay focused and maintain your motions steady and fast.

The point of Mmm, Fingers is to reach a high score and have fun. True enjoyment comes from playing the game without minding losing and chuckling at how hard it gets to protect your finger.

Daddy Long Legs

In Daddy Long Legs, you manage the actions of a tiny, hairy thing. You need to put one leg in front of the other and strive not to stumble. It looks easy and tedious, but it's challenging and very amusing to play.

The objective of Daddy Long Legs is to walk as distant as you can. However, since this creature has very long legs in contrast to its body, you need to have a lot of effort to effectively move it around at a continuous pace.

The game's rules are simple. Tap the monitor to shift legs and look as Daddy Long Legs walks across the phone screen. The game also has costumes that make the method of walking more humorous.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a fantastic game that fascinated gamers and became an indulgence after its launch. This game remains one of the funniest endless arcade mobile games.

Crossy Road lets you control an animal or human attempting to cross a road full of rivers, highways, and railroads. Your goal is to help your character get as far as possible.

It may sound easy, but it's not. If you can't cross the road in a few seconds, an eagle will go towards your character. Your game character will also meet the eagle as it gets hit by vehicles or falls into the river.

Robbery Bob

In Robbery Bob, you need to help the burglar Bob steal specific items from homes and facilities. What's funny is how comical the characters and their actions are expressed. Also, how silly the whole experience is.

This game offers something different from other games that are leading the charts. If you're looking for something silly and challenging, you should give this a try.

Surgeon Simulator

In Surgeon Simulator, your character tries to operate on patients with shaky hands. Your hands will shake throughout the whole thing, and it's going to be impossible to finish successfully.

But don't feel awful because the whole point is to perform crazy operations and laugh at the procedure. This game is so hilarious that you'll love it.


Skullduggery has funny and satisfying gameplay. You take the role of the “Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull.” You are accountable for acquiring taxes from the Afterlife Deadbeats. The player has several powers such as Headshots, Brain Power, and Gravitational Truancy.

This game is funny, unique, and engaging. Chances are you won't get easily bored playing Skullduggery.

Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango explains the tale of the departed Manny Calavera. Manny works as a travel agent at the Department of Death even after death. He must sell luxurious parcels to souls on their four-year trip to infinite rest.

But, Manny finds himself entangled in a scheme. Manny must now unearth all the secrets regarding the conspiracy. There are many joyous instances and laughter, so it's advisable to play at your own risk.

Loads of Laughter All the Way

These games are so much fun and weird at the same time. If you're having a dull day, you could try playing these games to help you pass the time.

A little warning, though, as you may experience loads of laughter all the way. You may also find it hard to stop once you get the hang of these fantastic games.

So, try playing at your own risk. And play with plenty of humor and laughter.