Printer Jam – Scare anyone on a deadline with the destruction of an important document. Use scraps of leftover paper, fold them erratically, and attach them to your outfit. Add printer error messages (the more confusing the better). Make pathetic whirring sounds as you circulate the party, dropping black, magenta, cyan and yellow confetti wherever you go.

Reheated Fish – Dress up to evoke the scariest stench ever found in an office kitchen. Fashion a rectangular box for a microwave and draw a fish on a plate with stink lines radiating off of it. Wear sardine cans as accessories and carry boiled cabbage for extra points.

Slow, Crowded Elevator – Channel a daily fear shared by all your officemates. Wear a panel of elevator buttons with all of them illuminated, ensuring a crawling journey to your floor. Pose with an “I-need-to-fart” face to heighten the drama.

Conference Call Technical Glitch – Wear a large sign that says “Connection Interrupted” and throw pieces of paper with multiple error message windows at anyone who approaches you. As you circulate the party, keep saying, “Hello, can you hear me?” and “Buffering.” When the party is over, remove all technical hurdles and broadcast in crystal clear sound.

The Vacation Day That Got Away – HR told you “use them or lose them,” but you’re nearing the end of the year and under pressure not to. Dress in your finest vacation gear, as beachy and carefree as possible. Haunt yourself and colleagues with the joy you could have experienced. Put money in your boss’ pocket for full effect.

Soap Dispenser Poltergeist – They upgraded the bathrooms and installed new soap dispensers, but the magic spouts never work. Yell “empty try again!” to half your coworkers and pour extra bright pink soap on the rest. Opportunity to turn this into a couples costume with the auto-flush toilet that flushes too darn quickly and loudly. Be wary of coworkers who don’t get the joke—refuse to shake their hands.

Happy Intern – So young and optimistic, your intern is ever helpful and energetic, even without coffee. Suspiciously happy—it’s downright creepy, right? Dress like you believe in a meritocracy and that opportunities for advancement exist. Feel motivated enough to iron that shirt.

Mandatory Office Party – You used up your small talk before noon, but now you’re confronted with the mandatory office party. Streamers, sheet cake, plastic forks, and nowhere to hide. Make a big speech and then nominate a random coworker to plan the next mandatory party.

The Office Fridge Goblin – You know you packed a sandwich and even labeled it, but that didn’t stop the office goblin from stealing it. Dress in brown paper bag sacks, and accessorize with tinfoil, twist-ties and brashness. For bonus points, clog the sink drain with the remnants of your chewed-up mess.

That Coworker – We all went to the HR-mandatory boundaries workshop, but not everyone paid enough attention. You close talk, shoulder tap, and comment on everyone’s appearance to your heart’s content. Nobody has the guts to stop you. (Most effective costume for straight white male.)

Broken Office Coffee Machine – Ruin everyone’s morning as the broken down dispenser. Sputter and spit droplets of coffee grinds mixed with water onto your coworkers. Steal dollar bills out of your coworkers’ wallets as they are forced to satisfy their caffeine fixes elsewhere. Pairs well with the crowded elevator costume.

Ghostly-thin Toilet Paper – As corporate keeps cutting costs, the toilet paper has gone from decent two-ply to mediocre single-ply to something far more abstract. No mummy costume could be built using the extra thin sheets. Wrap yourself in the sheer squares, but be sure to wear something underneath to keep it HR compliant.

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