Bandwidth: The absolute maximum that your sweatpant waistband will stretch.

Disrupter: When one of your kids walks in on you and your husband having “sexy time.”

Bleeding Edge: When you try to shave your legs after months of neglect.

Drilling Down: Fishing out the olive in your “quarantini.”

Deep Dive: When you have to reach way down in your freezer to get the last ice cream bar.

Outside the Box: The outside of where your spouse will be living after this pandemic is over.

Ideate: What you say after having several glasses of wine when you tell someone that you’ve eaten.

Unpack: Unloading what Amazon has delivered today.

Wheelhouse: You’ve decided to go live in your car.

Out-of-Pocket: No place to hide your candy bar from your kids.

Low-Hanging Fruit: Food your kids are forced to gather from any source when you’re too tired to cook. Not limited to just fruit.

First-to-Market: Senior shopping hours.

Taking it Offline: Putting away the laundry you hung in the living room when the dryer died.

Open the Kimono: Someone forgot to tie their bathrobe before the Zoom call!

Tiger Team: The person who beats out the rest to get the last bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Burning Platform: Dinner you cooked. On a plate.

Drinking the Kool-Aid: You’ve run out of wine.