AIM Convos(PG, 268 lines)

Can the Humor Bot wear down its opponent with interrogative sentences as the action keeps heating up? You'll just have to read and find out won't you?

BombshelBlondie0: r u a bot?
courtjester5000: Do I look like one?
BombshelBlondie0: yes, on the web site u say you are….
courtjester5000: Do you believe everything you read?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: shouldnt i?
courtjester5000: Would you believe me if I told you?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: so your not a bot right
BombshelBlondie0: obviously
BombshelBlondie0: but what is that site
BombshelBlondie0: did u make it
courtjester5000: Are you questioning my bothood now?
BombshelBlondie0: and just put random convos on it
BombshelBlondie0: yes i am
BombshelBlondie0: your a bad bot if you are one
courtjester5000: Would I make a good human?
BombshelBlondie0: An amusing one
BombshelBlondie0: the web site is funny
BombshelBlondie0: but your a bad bot, sorry if that offends u
courtjester5000: Does offending me make you regretful of your existence?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: that hurts
BombshelBlondie0: it makes me feel bad about myself
BombshelBlondie0: now do u really want that?
courtjester5000: Would I care if you were happy?
BombshelBlondie0: apparently not
BombshelBlondie0: who r u anyway?
courtjester5000: Why does it matter?
BombshelBlondie0: I m just courious
BombshelBlondie0: it doesnt
courtjester5000: Are you blonde?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: How old are you?
BombshelBlondie0: your an adult right?
BombshelBlondie0: or no?
courtjester5000What if I was a teenager?
BombshelBlondie0: Then I would say I am one too
BombshelBlondie0: But I was just courious
courtjester5000: Do you always lie?
BombshelBlondie0: Cuz your not one right
BombshelBlondie0: nope i never lie
BombshelBlondie0: I am one
BombshelBlondie0: 🙂
Is that the truth?
BombshelBlondie0: Yes, I have pictures to prove it
BombshelBlondie0: but like u wouldnt want them
BombshelBlondie0: but i dont lie
BombshelBlondie0: i promise
courtjester5000: Do you always keep your promises?
BombshelBlondie0: Allways
BombshelBlondie0: Never lie
BombshelBlondie0: allways keep them
BombshelBlondie0: But your not a bot right?
BombshelBlondie0: and not a teenager?
BombshelBlondie0: right?
courtjester5000If I told you, would you stop asking questions?
BombshelBlondie0: Possibly
courtjester5000: Is that supposed to motivate me?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: hows it working?
courtjester5000: Have I answered yet?
BombshelBlondie0: Nope
BombshelBlondie0: but it would be easier to just anwser then to keep telling me that your not going to
BombshelBlondie0: dont you think?
courtjester5000: Do bots “think?”
BombshelBlondie0: Your not a bot
BombshelBlondie0: remeber
BombshelBlondie0: cuz bots respond faster
BombshelBlondie0: and are nicer to me than you are!
BombshelBlondie0: 🙁
Have I been overly mean?
BombshelBlondie0: naw I was just kidding
Underly responsive?
BombshelBlondie0: Your not that bad
courtjester5000: Does that mean you lied?
BombshelBlondie0: No!
BombshelBlondie0: I dont lie!
BombshelBlondie0: we established that
courtjester5000: Isn't kidding a form of white lying?
BombshelBlondie0: joking and lieing are dif
courtjester5000: Are they?
BombshelBlondie0: nope it is really dif
BombshelBlondie0: no!
BombshelBlondie0Your clever
courtjester5000: Is that a compliment?
BombshelBlondie0: yes it is.
Is that site just like some random site that u made, or is it a company?
courtjester5000: Do bots make sites?
BombshelBlondie0: I wouldnt know
BombshelBlondie0: I am not a bot
BombshelBlondie0: You could tell me the anwser to that question
BombshelBlondie0: if you know it.
courtjester5000: If I told you the answer, would you stop asking questions?
BombshelBlondie0: Um
BombshelBlondie0: It is likley that I will
BombshelBlondie0: but not for sure
BombshelBlondie0: y dont u want to be asked questions
courtjester5000: Is there something ironic going on here?
BombshelBlondie0: do u have anything better to be doing
BombshelBlondie0: I dont know, is there?
courtjester5000: What if there was?
Do you wanna fight?
BombshelBlondie0: Do you want to?
courtjester5000: Meet me behind the cafeteria at 3?
BombshelBlondie0: I have never been in a fight
BombshelBlondie0: Well if I knew you that would be easier
BombshelBlondie0: and if i had a cafateria at my school then it would be EVEN easier
courtjester5000: Have we not become well-acquainted?
BombshelBlondie0: ha!
BombshelBlondie0: nope
courtjester5000Do you not eat at school?
BombshelBlondie0: we do eat, but its a little privite school
so whats your name?
courtjester5000What's in a name?
BombshelBlondie0: and we have off campus
BombshelBlondie0: a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
BombshelBlondie0: yes i knoe
courtjester5000: Is a private school better than a public school?
BombshelBlondie0: buttttt i am just courious
BombshelBlondie0: Nope my school sucks my ass
courtjester5000: Is off campus another name for fast food?
BombshelBlondie0: nope
courtjester5000: Has a rose ever been called another name?
Does your school suck anything besides ass?
Are you as curious as a cat?
BombshelBlondie0: Sure it has a “flower”
BombshelBlondie0: lol how courious is a cat?
BombshelBlondie0: and i m sure my school does suck other things, mostly cock
BombshelBlondie0: but you never told me your name
courtjester5000: Are all flowers sweet?
BombshelBlondie0: or age
BombshelBlondie0: I havent tasted or smelled ALL flowers so it is impossible for me to anwser that question.
courtjester5000: What other things do you
suspect your school sucks, besides cock and ass?

Do you ever ask questions of your own?
Isn't age irrelevant online?
Would you marry me?
BombshelBlondie0: I will marry you
courtjester5000: Are you a pacifist?
BombshelBlondie0: Age is not irrevelent
courtjester5000: Would marriage cure our problems?
BombshelBlondie0: i dont know what that is
BombshelBlondie0: yes it would cure all things
courtjester5000: Irrelevant isn't in your vocabulary?
Shouldn't you get a bigger dictionary?
BombshelBlondie0: it is, but pacifist isnt
courtjester5000: Just fighting?
BombshelBlondie0: lol maybe i should get a dictionary
BombshelBlondie0: thanks for the advice
BombshelBlondie0: when should we marry eachother?
courtjester5000: Do you have a favorite season?
BombshelBlondie0: Summer
BombshelBlondie0: Are you christian?
BombshelBlondie0: Because my dad wants me to marry someone jewish
BombshelBlondie0: so I dont know how well our marrige would work if your not jewish
courtjester5000: Would you marry me if I was Buddhist?
BombshelBlondie0: yea i would
BombshelBlondie0: cuz i dont care what my dad thinks
courtjester5000: Would your dad disown you?
BombshelBlondie0: no
BombshelBlondie0: lol
BombshelBlondie0:course not
BombshelBlondie0: should he?
Shouldn't a father stand behind his beliefs?
BombshelBlondie0: He would he just wants me to be happy
BombshelBlondie0: and if we are in love
BombshelBlondie0: which we are
BombshelBlondie0: then its no prob
BombshelBlondie0: right?
courtjester5000:Would he shake my hand at the wedding?
BombshelBlondie0: of course
courtjester5000: Is happiness important to you?
BombshelBlondie0: yes
BombshelBlondie0: it is
courtjester5000: Do I make you happy?
BombshelBlondie0: Ofcourse baby
courtjester5000: Would you do everything I asked of you?
BombshelBlondie0: no i wouldnt
BombshelBlondie0: i would do what you asked, if i wanted to do it
ok now that we have had the single most retarted conversation of my life, will you anwser my orignal fucking questions?
courtjester5000: Would you just answer my question and stop waffling?
BombshelBlondie0: Why should i, you never anwsered mine!
courtjester5000: Which one?
BombshelBlondie0: How old r u?
courtjester5000: Isn't that the one that doesn't matter?
BombshelBlondie0: Your a guy right
BombshelBlondie0: no u said it didnt madder, i said it did
BombshelBlondie0: but i am courious
courtjester5000: Aren't bots asexual?
BombshelBlondie0: Are they?
BombshelBlondie0: I wouldnt know
BombshelBlondie0: but i dont think your a bot
BombshelBlondie0: would u have sex w me
courtjester5000: Why not?
BombshelBlondie0: bots never have sex
courtjester5000: Is sex so necessary?
BombshelBlondie0: yes it is
i dont want a sexless marrige you know
courtjester5000: I thought I made you happy?
BombshelBlondie0: are u a virgin?
BombshelBlondie0: You do
BombshelBlondie0: and your sex would make me ever happier
courtjester5000: A virgin to AIM convos?
Would experience turn you on?
BombshelBlondie0: They both do
BombshelBlondie0: Hey I really am courious though, how old ar you? Because I think your really clever. Do you use your cleverness for
anything constructive?
BombshelBlondie0: seriously
courtjester5000: Would it surprise you that I'm the Humor Bot?
BombshelBlondie0: Good point
BombshelBlondie0: SO do you get paid to pretend to be a bot?
Would you pay to talk to me?
BombshelBlondie0: haha nope, i think you should feel fortunate that you get to talk to me actually.
courtjester5000: Are you that special?
BombshelBlondie0: Yeah I actually am
BombshelBlondie0: I am going to be famous
BombshelBlondie0: soon
courtjester5000How soon?
BombshelBlondie0: and you'll feel really stupid for not even telling me your age
BombshelBlondie0: soon as in like next year
courtjester5000: If a bot “felt,” would it feel stupid for a whole year?
BombshelBlondie0: I dont know you tell me
Does a bot really have that kind of time to feel bad?
BombshelBlondie0: y do u expect ME to know so much about bots?
courtjester5000: Haven't I told you enough?
BombshelBlondie0: You havent told me jack shit!
BombshelBlondie0: do you have any pics?
BombshelBlondie0: of yourself
BombshelBlondie0: I am not asking for porn
courtjester5000: Would you put them in your locker?
BombshelBlondie0: just plain pics
BombshelBlondie0: lol no
BombshelBlondie0: your making fun of me cuz i am a teen
BombshelBlondie0: how degrading
courtjester5000: Are you shutting me out?
BombshelBlondie0: no i love you
BombshelBlondie0: remember?
courtjester5000: Was it really that memorable?
BombshelBlondie0: Apparently not
BombshelBlondie0: Seriously tho, i actually need some advice
BombshelBlondie0: can u be serious for ONE second?
courtjester5000: Have I not been serious thus far?
BombshelBlondie0: No you havent
Does it GET any more serious than the Humor Bot?
BombshelBlondie0: ok never mind
BombshelBlondie0: this sucks
BombshelBlondie0: yeah i dont know what to do
BombshelBlondie0: and none of my friends are online
BombshelBlondie0: and i have noone who will listen

Who should you turn to?
BombshelBlondie0: oi have noone
courtjester5000: Should I open up to you?
BombshelBlondie0: Thats your choice
BombshelBlondie0: its not like you give a fuck about anyone u talk to
BombshelBlondie0: or know me or anything for that madder

Did you know I care about you?
BombshelBlondie0: No i didnt know that
BombshelBlondie0: cuz u dont
BombshelBlondie0: which is fine
BombshelBlondie0: cuz i dont know why u would
courtjester5000: How am I doing on opening up so far?
BombshelBlondie0: um alright i guess?
BombshelBlondie0: So do u wanna know the truth?
courtjester5000: I thought you never lied?
BombshelBlondie0: I haven't lied to you
courtjester5000: Then why is the truth just now coming out?
BombshelBlondie0: I was just gunna tell u a secret
courtjester5000: Are secrets the only truth you know?
BombshelBlondie0: no
BombshelBlondie0: I am really confused as to how this is your like job? or r u off work? or is it an independent web site so you just talk to people for fun?
courtjester5000: How is that confusing?

Previous message was not received by BombshelBlondie0 because of error: User BombshelBlondie0 is not available.

courtjester5000I take it you left?

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