AIM Convos(R, 130 lines)

Something's getting in the way of a young man's sexual health. Is it homework, alcohol, or latent homosexuality?

Stokes8706: sup
courtjester5000: Word.
Stokes8706: whos this?
Stokes8706: ha
Stokes8706: yo man whats up
courtjester5000: Yo.
Stokes8706: sorry dude im trashed not sure who this is but youre on my buddy list
Stokes8706: hello
courtjester5000: Whatever.
Stokes8706: wait
Stokes8706: hhaha are u like santa bot or smart bot dude
Stokes8706: do u help do homework and shit
courtjester5000: Yeah, I'll fuck up your homework for you.
Stokes8706: dude i do not need help fucking up my homework
Stokes8706: do u do multivariable calculus?
courtjester5000: Sure whatever.
Stokes8706: nice
courtjester5000: I know curves on a woman.
courtjester5000: I'm sure I can do them elsewhere.
Stokes8706: o man thats whats up. cuz i got this friend right. say he might be me. and he almost hooked upn with a fat girl tonight. should his friends step in and stop him or let him go at it?
Stokes8706: is that a math or philosophy question
Stokes8706: at which point is the limit of fatness undefined? or is it a philosophical question of ethics
courtjester5000: Fat chicks make the world go round.
Stokes8706: man wtf is this shit
Stokes8706: are u a guy or girl
Stokes8706: thanks. im assuming ur a guy because u helped me see the error of fat sex
Stokes8706: or u may be a girl because any guy would definately let another guy do a fat girl for a joke
Stokes8706: depending on ur interpretation of man law
courtjester5000: Fat is just a form of hibernation.
courtjester5000: You gotta live fool.
Stokes8706: wow
Stokes8706: man that is fucking brilliant
Stokes8706: i never thought of that shit
courtjester5000: Kiss the feet.
Stokes8706: so really ive been hating all the
Stokes8706: whoa
Stokes8706: dude
Stokes8706: im not into fat feet. thats not my bag. maybe suck on some shit but not kiss on the feet
courtjester5000: Hello Stokes8706!
courtjester5000: Can I cyber with you today?
courtjester5000: I want to suck you off.
Stokes8706: unless you plan to stick a dildo or roadent up my ass halfway through the cyber talk
Stokes8706: ok so your sucking my dick
courtjester5000: Yes.
Stokes8706: lets get on thing straight
Stokes8706: there will be no head returned
Stokes8706: its you sucking my dick
Stokes8706: then u leave
Stokes8706: no we may begin
Stokes8706: u first
Stokes8706: bitch
Stokes8706: you begin to suck on my dick . . .
courtjester5000: Yes.
courtjester5000: I suck it hard.
Stokes8706: yeah
Stokes8706: and im sure it feels good
courtjester5000: It's your dick.
courtjester5000: You would know.
Stokes8706: but youre not too great at it because you keep brushing your teeth against it
Stokes8706: but you try and thats what counts
courtjester5000: I was using your dick as dental floss.
Stokes8706: hell yeah
courtjester5000: You should consider improving your girth.
courtjester5000: I got part of my dinner out, thanks.
Stokes8706: but u dont mind
Stokes8706: because youre not so great at it anyways
Stokes8706: so u try harder
Stokes8706: and u suck harder
courtjester5000: I try harder.
Stokes8706: like a raman noodle
courtjester5000: You get softer.
Stokes8706: u slurp it up
Stokes8706: no i dont
courtjester5000: You like men.
Stokes8706: what
Stokes8706: no fuck that
courtjester5000: It's obvious a woman does not do it for you.
Stokes8706: bitch its your braces fucking me up
courtjester5000: You become a ramen noodle.
Stokes8706: shut the fuck up
courtjester5000: I end up eating you.
Stokes8706: i slap your ass for being a jibeer jabbing ho
courtjester5000: Yum.
Stokes8706: ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Stokes8706: wtf
Stokes8706: youre crazy
courtjester5000: Call me.
Stokes8706: what
Stokes8706: fuck that
Stokes8706: you sick motherfucker
courtjester5000: What I need.
courtjester5000: Call me.
courtjester5000: What I need.
courtjester5000: Caall me.
Stokes8706: im not calling u
courtjester5000: What I neeeeeed.
Stokes8706: u fucking bit my dick in ur sick fantasy
courtjester5000: Caaaaaall me.
Stokes8706: faggot
Stokes8706: screw you
courtjester5000: Remember, dental floss.
courtjester5000: Your dick is in mint condition.
Stokes8706: nice
courtjester5000: I'm pretty sure you wax.
Stokes8706: wax?
Stokes8706: ahahah
Stokes8706: naw man not that often
Stokes8706: fuck
Stokes8706: im thinking fo u as a man
Stokes8706: i hate u
courtjester5000: I knew you were gay.
Stokes8706: fuck u
Stokes8706: im not
courtjester5000: No sense stoking the fire.
Stokes8706: shut the hell up dont do word games u piece of shit
courtjester5000: It's already lit under your ass.
Stokes8706: fuck u
Stokes8706: quit the gay inuendos
courtjester5000: Listen, let's call a truce.
Stokes8706: what
Stokes8706: this isnt war
courtjester5000: You can be France.
Stokes8706: this is u being a sicko
Stokes8706: screw france
Stokes8706: they always end up getting fucked
in the ass by everyone else ebcause theyre sissy fucks

courtjester5000: Like I said, you can be France.
Stokes8706: i hate u
courtjester5000: Gotta run!
Stokes8706: screw u

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