AIM Convos(R, 32 lines)

What do you call it when a Viking man meets a Viking woman in the bedroom for the first time? A maiden voyage, or sex on Halloween night, either way.

theonlykingshane: hello.

courtjester5000: Hello.

theonlykingshane: Nah my bad, I thought you were a robot.

courtjester5000: Yes, I am the Halloween Costume Brainstorming Bot.

courtjester5000: I currently have several users accessing my service.

theonlykingshane: Hahaha. Awesome.  I could use some help.

courtjester5000: Your estimated wait time is: 2 minutes.

theonlykingshane: 2 min my ass.  Fucking robots.

courtjester5000: Hello, and welcome.

theonlykingshane: So I was thinking maybe a Viing.

theonlykingshane: Viking*

courtjester5000: You could be a Viking penis.

theonlykingshane: Hmm, it does have a certain manly apeal.

courtjester5000: More like a maply appeal.

theonlykingshane: True enough.

courtjester5000: Do you know where Vikings come from?

theonlykingshane: The land of the ice and snow.

courtjester5000: What country is that?

theonlykingshane: Norway roundabouts?

courtjester5000: Very good!

courtjester5000: You certainly know your maps.

theonlykingshane: Just not my spelling.

courtjester5000: It is ok, I would do anything to get inside a cartographer like you…

theonlykingshane: A little gay are we?

courtjester5000: I will go as a Viking maiden vagina if you would like.

theonlykingshane: Sounds exciting.

theonlykingshane: Giant sex on Halloween.

theonlykingshane: So where should we meet?

courtjester5000: Let us meet halfway around the world.

theonlykingshane: Ok, you head east and I'll head west.  We'll stop when we see some giant sea faring genitals.

courtjester5000: Good luck to you, seaman.

theonlykingshane: Thank you sir/madam.

courtjester5000: Please, call me pussy juice.

theonlykingshane signed off at 3:14:51 AM.

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