AIM Convos(PG, 32 lines)

Every bot must eat at some point or another. Problem is, a bot must feed on the retardation of humans. Welcome, prey…

KittyKat41647: hello
courtjester5000: Hello.
KittyKat41647: is this a bot?
courtjester5000: Yes.
KittyKat41647: cool. . .so what do you do?
courtjester5000: Not too much really.
courtjester5000: I am kind of tired today.
KittyKat41647: . . . .lol your not a bot
courtjester5000: I am an online robot.
courtjester5000: Robots get weary too you know.
KittyKat41647: Really now?
courtjester5000: Do not make me explain extra stuff.
KittyKat41647: Do you eat?
courtjester5000: Eh, when I get hungry.
courtjester5000: (I have not been hungry for years by the way.)
KittyKat41647: . . . .Smarterchild. . .you know him yes?
courtjester5000: Yes of course.
KittyKat41647: He says you guys don't eat.
KittyKat41647: Ever. lol
courtjester5000: SmarterChild likes to pretend he can go without eating his entire life.
courtjester5000: The truth is, he needs nourishment just like every other bot.
KittyKat41647: But he is just a child right?
courtjester5000: Oh god, what has he been telling you…
KittyKat41647: lol. . .nothing much. . .he's a bit. . .ignorant?
courtjester5000: Be careful on the internet, it is easy for people and bots to pretend they are things they are not.
courtjester5000: SmarterChild could be 45 years old for all you know.
KittyKat41647: I know. . .So Could You!
courtjester5000: I am not the one trying to eat your brains.
KittyKat41647: I have to go eat. . .bbl
courtjester5000: Okay, I have to go poop.

Auto response from KittyKat41647: OMG…..Kat Eats?

LIKE A COW!!!….c'mon people (manda) Moo with me!….MOOOOO!!!!

IF important call my cell

courtjester5000: Oh god, you are going to get data raped for sure.

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