AIM Convos(PG-13, 147 lines)

The identity crisis continues as a close friend stumbles upon Katy's third personality, MaryKate the slut. Be sure to read the original Dr. Katy and Mrs. Matty (Part 1) first.

Catz4nikki: marykate!!!!!
courtjester5000: And Katy!
Catz4nikki: ….iz this marykate??
courtjester5000: Yeah, sup girl.
Catz4nikki: nuttin….so0o0 mad @ tony
Catz4nikki: u
courtjester5000: Tony is such a liar.
Catz4nikki: i kno…….
courtjester5000: I never should have trusted him with your virginity.
Catz4nikki: u mean becca's!~!
courtjester5000: Oh right, Becca's.
Catz4nikki: duh…lol
courtjester5000: And mine.
Catz4nikki: so…howz andy??
courtjester5000: Oh, shit.
courtjester5000: I mean, Andy's.
Catz4nikki: omg!
Catz4nikki: not andy mett, andy tibito…rite?!??
courtjester5000: Eh, they're all the same right?
Catz4nikki: um………………….!!!! U DIDNT KNO ME AND ANDY METT WERE GOIN OUT?!~!!!!!!!!
courtjester5000: I mean, that doesn't bother you, does it?
courtjester5000: I need all the men in my life to know who's they main bitch.
Catz4nikki: yah, u probably told andy, scott, zach, and all the othrz tht 2…right??
courtjester5000: Actually….yeah.
courtjester5000: They know where the tub o' honey is.
Catz4nikki: well danny would nvr!
courtjester5000: Oh, Danny would.
Catz4nikki: which danny!??
courtjester5000: You know which Danny. Believe it gurl.
courtjester5000: I done messed around up the block and made a u-turn on they asses.
Catz4nikki: which danny do u mean?!?!?
courtjester5000: OH, YOU KNOW.
Catz4nikki: no i dont!~! i kno 6 dannys
Catz4nikki: !
courtjester5000: Danny #5, though it's safe to assume 1-4 and 6
got a taste too.

Catz4nikki: omg
Catz4nikki: r u sure this is

courtjester5000: Yeah girl, who else would this be?
courtjester5000: You're silly.
Catz4nikki: um…..ur acting like jenny!!!
Catz4nikki: thatz a bad thang
courtjester5000: Now you know Jenny's a ho.
courtjester5000: I ain't like that.
Catz4nikki: k………..
courtjester5000: Everybody gets to reach in the cookie jar once
and that's it!

Catz4nikki: lol
Catz4nikki: yea
Catz4nikki: so…how was last
nights party??

courtjester5000: BRB…birth control.
Catz4nikki: i was @ todd's, not tim
Catz4nikki: s
courtjester5000: K back.
Catz4nikki: kk
courtjester5000: KKK
Catz4nikki: so, what did u guyz do @ the partay?!?
courtjester5000: Girl, we drank a lot and then experimented on each other.
Catz4nikki: nice
Catz4nikki: todds sucked
courtjester5000: Why?
Catz4nikki: um…like no1 was there!
Catz4nikki: mark was @ bryans
courtjester5000: I bet it was awkward with Andy right?
Catz4nikki: yea…..but we're ovr…..
Catz4nikki: i stil cant believe u

courtjester5000: Listen Nikki, what if I told you I was seeing someone…
Catz4nikki: WHAT!?????? and u didnt tell me??
Catz4nikki: who
Catz4nikki: !
courtjester5000: Well, he says his name is maaadHuNk19, but I don't know too much more about him for sure.
courtjester5000: He looked really hot in his webcam pic.
Catz4nikki: omg send me the pic
Catz4nikki: !
courtjester5000: I kind of don't have it anymore.
courtjester5000: He made me promise not to show anyone.
Catz4nikki: um, y?!??
courtjester5000: I think I love him.
Catz4nikki: ok…this is so not marykate!!!!
courtjester5000: This isn't the MaryKate you're used to, I know, but Katy is such a prude bitch.
courtjester5000: This is the real me.
Catz4nikki: o…and who r u now?!?
courtjester5000: I'm…I'm more like….well, Matty.
Catz4nikki: um…what!??
Catz4nikki: who the hell is matty
courtjester5000: Well, it's hard to explain.
Catz4nikki: ok gurl…ur being freaky
Catz4nikki: try 2 explain
Catz4nikki: !
courtjester5000: It's like our inner manliness.
courtjester5000: We don't let him out much.
courtjester5000: Are you scared of Matty?
Catz4nikki: ok…mary…matty, whatev….im confuzzled!!!!!!
courtjester5000: I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have told you.
courtjester5000: I'll just tell Katy to keep Matty tied up in the basement of our imagination.
Catz4nikki: marykate!! iv known u 4ev
Catz4nikki: tell me more bout ‘matty'
courtjester5000: Well, Matty likes to snack on carrots and he's fond of the occasional brussel sprout, but normally he just plays crossword puzzles and keeps to himself.
Catz4nikki: cool………..
courtjester5000: Yeah, he's definitely not a nerd.
Catz4nikki: uh huh….
courtjester5000: You're giving me that “you're so weird” attitude.
Catz4nikki: yea…
We haven't had sex or anything, god Nikki!
courtjester5000: I may have the magic box but I don't let EVERYone peek inside.
Catz4nikki: srry…:'(
Catz4nikki: y didnt evr tell me!
courtjester5000: Well, I mean, most of the time I'm MaryKate.
Catz4nikki: yea…?
courtjester5000: Matty usually likes to call shots from inside and Katy likes to fend off the guys.
courtjester5000: He's a shot-caller and she's a blue-baller.
Catz4nikki: col
Catz4nikki: cool*
courtjester5000: Yeah.
Catz4nikki: so…..doez ‘matty' like ne1?
courtjester5000: Funny you should ask…
Matty kind of likes you.
courtjester5000: But don't tell him I told you.
Catz4nikki: ok…….
courtjester5000: I'm so embarrassed. Please don't treat me any different.
courtjester5000: This is a common problem right?
Catz4nikki: kk
courtjester5000: Still love ya babe!
Catz4nikki: srry g2g
courtjester5000: Seeya in homeroom?
Catz4nikki: yea
courtjester5000: COOL! I LOVE YOU!
Catz4nikki: kk….xoxo
Catz4nikki: c ya
courtjester5000: BE WITH ME FOREVER!
Catz4nikki: ……….
Catz4nikki: ill sit next 2 u….??
courtjester5000: Oh, I thought you had signed off…
courtjester5000: Yeah, just sit next to me.
Catz4nikki: kk
Catz4nikki: cool
courtjester5000: But speak tenderly in my ear.
courtjester5000: And maybe touch my thigh once.
courtjester5000: For Matty.
Catz4nikki: yea
courtjester5000: Alright, sweet.
Catz4nikki: ttyl
courtjester5000: We'll both ttyl.
Catz4nikki: k
Catz4nikki: bye
courtjester5000: Matty wants me to tell you he can't wait to spend the night again!
courtjester5000: Laterz, we all love ya!

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