I have a confession: I'm not a programmer!

It's probably one of the few (dorky) regrets I have in life, but everything I've learned about publishing on the Internet has come strictly on a need-to-know basis…usually by studying lots of other websites and reading endless articles and tutorials dug up on Google.

BORING. And time-consuming. Kind of like sex with your mom. But satisfying? Perhaps.

At this point I've spent something like 7 hours just setting up, configuring, and designing this little blog. And since I'm a huge fan of irony, I'll point out the fact that I spent all that time setting it up only to end up posting something about the setup. It's like trying to stab yourself in the back using two mirrors.

I also have no idea what that analogy means.

But it's morning now, so I think I'll take care of some “sunlight” activities before sleeping out the rest of the day. I've always wondered how early the homeless guy around the corner starts preaching Jesus lines anyway. Wouldn't it be weird if he kept regular business hours for no reason?

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