Move over, Ashley Garmany. I'm over you, just like I'm over black people. You've jumped the shark, Ashley Garmany. It's been several months since I re-friend requested you on Facebook, and it hasn't been accepted.

What's up with that?

Who doesn't accept friend requests?

What is wrong with Ashley Garmany, psychologically?

Why won't she accept my friend request?

Is it something I said?

Whaaatttttt. A. Bitch. Right guys?

Well, it's time to move on. Luckily, the CEO of WikiLeaks gots a new love interest. And her name is Molly Asange. You see, in between defending myself from rape allegations, I find time to create some new ones, if you follow my drift. And no one follows my drift lately like Molly Asange-Williams, the cutest, most beautiful girl to ever grace the pages of PIC since that one girl. What was her name again? It started with a, oh yeah, that's right – Ashley Garmany.

But I'm over her.

One thing has united every PIC leak, besides some variation of the N word, and that is a mention of Ashley Garmany. No one loves u like I do, Ashley. Nobody would do that for you but me.

Well, it's time I give my unrequited love to someone else.

I just came all over

At the Points in Case 13th Anniversary Party, where Court Sullivan flies everyone out to Las Vegas with all the money he makes on those annoying video ads that play when you first visit the site, me and Mol will finally be together and I'll hold her in my arms and we'll make babies, or whatever guys do with girls.

Looking forward to many leaks in I mean with you Molly,


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