Jennifer Hudson walks into her agent's office.

"Why, hello, Jennifer, what can I do for you?" the slick agent dressed in a suit asks.

"Well, I feel like lately my career has been going downhill. I feel like I'm just a washed-up American Idol loser. There's millions of people like me."

"That's true, you are a nobody. Hmm. Well, I think I might have a solution for your career troubles. Now it's a litttttttttttttttttttttllle crazy, but hear me out on this. This will revive your career, bring life to your record sales, and put you back in the news. Now are you willing to listen to my idea?"

"Yes, why I'll do just about anything."

"Okay, here's how it's gonna go down. We're going to have someone murder your mother, just brutally kill her. But wait, there's more. Then they are going to kill your brother, too, just as viciously and in just as much cold blood. Then your little nephew, his name's Julian right, well he's going to go missing, and boom. He'll show up dead several days later in a car somewhere in Chicago shot multiple times. What do you think, huh? Murder your mom, brother, and nephew? Worth a shot, right?"

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