I've been planning a prank now for over a year and a half, and I'm happy to announce that it is ready to commence. For your viewing pleasure, this prank will unfold live, right before your eyes.


My name is William Courtney Sullivan, but I go by Court. I went by Courtney up until about 5th grade. At that point, I decided to shorten it because there were a growing number of female Courtneys (Courtney used to be an exclusively male name) and I needed to distinguish myself/stop the teasing.

In 2006, I noticed a lot of people forming Facebook Groups along the lines of "Jennifers of Facebook Unite!" or "Greg is the Best Name Ever." I thought they were kind of cheesy because lots of people have the same first name. I thought it would be better to get a bunch of people with the same first AND last name, especially since a "Courtney Sullivan" group would probably be me and a bunch of girls.

Furthermore, I wanted to see if I could trick people into joining a group that had an entirely different meaning than they thought when they joined.

And then see how long they stayed in it.

The Prank Setup:

In June 2006, I decided to make a Facebook Group around the name "Courtney Sullivan." I searched Facebook for people named "Courtney Sullivan" and sure enough it returned 99% girls. Since at that time you had to be friends with somebody to invite them to join a Facebook Group, I asked as many girl Courtney Sullivans as I could to be my friend.

Most accepted, and subsequently accepted my invite to the group "Courtney Sullivan's Stable" (a decision they will come to regret at some point after today).

Here is how the group looked from July 2006 (when most of the Courtneys joined) up to a few hours ago:

Notice my cool photo puns of "Courtney Love" and "USS the Sullivans"!

I also added an innocent little wall post so as not to freak out all the girl Courtneys as the only guy (and admin, to boot) in a group suspiciously named "Courtney Sullivan's Stable":

No one seemed to think anything was suspicious, so I then left the group to incubate. FOR 1 AND A HALF YEARS. I figured at that point, people stop checking old groups, and get so many new ones anyway that groups just become labels on a profile. To my surprise, not a single person left the group in that time, nor did anyone interact with it.

Setup complete.

The Prank Begins:

A few hours ago, I erased all the photos and wall posts, changed the group type and description, and added Recent News and Video sections to the group profile.

Here's how the group looks now:

Facebook Prank - Group Info
Facebook Prank - Recent News

Sorta changes the tone of it all!

My goal now is to put as much content as possible into the group around the premise that I am pimping out "Courtney Sullivans", and see how long I can go before every Courtney Sullivan leaves the group.

But I want you to help build this disgusting concept!

Do you have a request for a particular Courtney Sullivan? Do you want a Courtney Sullivan who will do something in particular? Do you have any comments at all that will make the group even funnier and more outrageous? Leave them in the comments and I will post them under "Recent News", on the wall, or in the group description.

I will be updating the stable with requests and content as often as possible until the last Courtney Sullivan clicks "Leave Group" in shame and disgust. I will escalate the prank as necessary in order to test the limits and force Courtneys out.

Good luck Courtneys, may the last stable slut win!

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