The boardroom was large, as it had to be to seat twenty plus people. Not to mention the catering. Large wingback chairs on wheels. Classé. Felix McMillan got there first. He had to get there first. Got to make the big impression today, he thought. The clock to the left of the wall read 7:45, which meant that no one would be showing up for another 25 minutes. Felix sat down in one of the moderately expensive chairs and set his briefcase on the table in front of him. He clicked the latches open and flipped up his briefcase. There shone from the briefcase a white light, a light that was coming from a script. Not just any script, though. THE script. It was his life's accomplishment, this script. Today was the day. Now or never.

"Um… this sorta came to me in a dream, I guess." Felix heard a couple of chuckles but stared them all down and kept on.Felix thought back to the days before today. The bullying, the fights, the name-calling. And that was just from his mother. But not today, he thought. It was time to get out of the high-priced studio apartment that smelled of dead bodies and soured pipe dreams. No longer would his only friends be Bert and Sandy, the two rats that came and went whenever Felix had food to spare. "No longer!" he shouted to no one in particular.

Hearing the abrupt sound of his voice, a secretary came in. "Is everything alright, sir?"

"Yes, everything will be just fine." He beamed a smile at her. She quickly departed.

Felix reread the script just to be sure.

* * *

Twenty minutes later and the boardroom was filled with big shots and executives and producers.

Bill Roman, the head of WB Studios, asked, "Have we got anything today?"

Felix coughed and timidly raised his hand. "Uhh… I do."

"What was that, boy? Speak up."

"I, uh, I said that I do. I have something. To share." Felix rolled his chair back and stood up. Facing the crowd, he spoke.

"Um… this sorta came to me in a dream, I guess. So, we take the character—a nerd—and transform him into a teen wolf. That's the title, by the way. ‘Teen Wolf.'"

Felix heard a couple of chuckles but stared them all down and kept on.

Teen Wolf movie poster with Michael J. Fox"So, yeah, he's a nerd then gets transformed into a werewolf. Okay, so then he starts freaking out because—I mean who wouldn't, right? But, as it turns out, his dad is one, too. He plays basketball but he sucks and so does his team. But, during one of the games he gets riled up and turns into the Teen Wolf. People don't know what to make of it but then, and here's the good part, he starts playing and he's awesome. The team finally wins a game. After that he becomes somewhat of a celebrity. Everyone likes him—the girls, the jocks, the nerds, the dweebs, the kids. Everyone. And finally he gets the attention of this girl that he likes and they start dating. But what—we'll call the kid Scott—what Scott doesn't know is that his best friend Boof—she's a girl, it's a nickname—has been in love with him forever. So now he's confused. He doesn't know who to choose. But, here's the catch: Boof likes him as Scott. Not as the Teen Wolf."

Felix caught his breath. Silence. You could hear an eraser drop.

Then it started, low and from the back. CLAPPING. They were clapping! Everyone in the boardroom stood up. Even the caterers. They shouted, "Bravo! Bravo!" It was a standing ovation.

Felix McMillan felt the relief flow through him. One producer offered Felix his wife and daughter. Another couple of executives put him on their shoulders and yelled, "Hip hip hooray!"

Out of that boardroom Felix was carried on shoulders and to this day, he is revered as one of the best screen writers of all time.

And that, dear children, is how Teen Wolf got to the big screen.