In 2003 Madonna kissed Britney.

In 2004 Justin Timberlake exposed our innocent minds to Janet Jackson's pierced right nipple.

In 2005 some rapper dissed another rapper, but that was so lame it barely made the news. Even I know rappers don't make the news unless they get shot.

In the following few years, a few rappers suffered casualties, a few socialites became anorexic and a few idiots became rich.


But then! In 2009… Kanye West exposed us to the thing that is most disgusting to humans: natural human behavior.

We are the Internet Generation. We've all seen 2 girls 1 cup, and we've all gotten naked over Skype. We all know someone we secretly think is into bestiality and we all know 4chan.

A bunch of pimply 14-year-olds will get boners in their Snoopy boxers when exposed to cleavage, nevermind a lesbian kiss or the female Jackson's boob. Hell, a bunch of 32-year-olds will get boners. Basically, anyone with a penis, and even some with vaginas, will cream themselves at the slightest imagery of sex. I understand why that shit made the news.

But in 2009 we've tired of sex. Sex is everywhere. Sex sells but we're all broke. The things we're interested in are either illegal or embarrassing. We've become so blasé about sex, violence, drugs and eating disorders but somehow we are all still so shocked by a blatant display of rudeness.

Why is it so shocking to us? We've seen everything there is to see. Why do we even care? The media has been manipulating us for so long, it's a miracle we still fall for their tricks. Is it because a scary big black man freaked the shit out of an innocent teen-pop star?

Homosexuality… That's cool! Wearing nipple tassles to your wedding… How avant garde! Rudeness… Oh my God what did you just say?!

My mind's running on a million different tracks right now, but the point I'm struggling to make, is how did our society degenerate so much? By the time I have kids, the shit they'll be watching when they're 10 will be what I first heard about when I was 18. An aging pop star and once hot teenybopper making out won't even send a slight increase of blood to their genitalia. Jack Black will have to ass rape a donkey on stage for anyone to raise an eyebrow.

Simply by keeping an eye on the media for a couple of years, it's easy to watch the decline of Western society. I'm not the Ghandi of teenagers, but I know the things I have done wrong and why they are considered wrong. Excluding drugs, because they rock.

The lines between right and wrong, shocking and mundane, acceptable and unacceptable are becoming so blurred, we hardly know which is which. Maybe those lines never existed innately, and society made them all up. Regardless of their origins, there were once clear lines and now that we're erasing them, it's the future generations that will have to pay for our fuck-ups.