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Sexism makes me giggle, but quietly because women should be seen and not heard. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about dinosaurs and stuff: I also have an ADD-fueled blog and my Twitter account is full of nonsensical rambling that somehow starts to make sense if you ingest enough caffeine.

Comedy Articles

If Your Apartment Lease was Totally Honest
A community fee of $500 is due at the lease signing. This covers use of the STD-filled cesspit we call a pool, rusted out 70's gym equipment, moth-infested laundry center, picnic areas, and other facilities.
Sep 9, 2011

My Adopted Dog is Totally Neurotic
There are two things keeping my boxer Tessa and I from having that perfect fairytale family. One: she is neurotic, and two: I'm a horrible dog-mommy.
May 12, 2011

5 Reasons Why Feminists are Insane (Besides the Fact That They're Women)
We had it good, women, sitting on our asses all day, popping out the occasional kid, and maintaining absolute silence in the kitchen. And then the feminists screwed it all up.
Apr 20, 2011

Uphill Both Ways: It's Not Classy But It's How I Get to Class
I have to walk half a mile to get to class twice a day. When the creepers and idiots are out in full force, I have a special routine for getting to campus without getting molested.
Mar 28, 2011

10 Tips for the Casual Stalker
As a stalker magnet, I love my creepers. No, seriously, I do. But I have some advice for the non-regulars who decide to hit on me each week to help step up their creeper game.
Feb 18, 2011