Dear Gay People, We Don't Hate You Because You're Gay

Attention male dick suckers: stop acting like women.

Dear Gay People,

First off, can I call you gay? Should I say homosexuals, or is gay alright with you? Maybe "fudge-packer" or "scrotum-swallower"? Whatever, gay works for now.

We hate gay people because they love to shop and they care deeply about how they look.It's clear to see that over the years, you guys have been subjected to much hostility, specifically for the fact that you are, for lack of a better word, a biological glitch designed to tarnish the human race. And while I realize that sticks and stones can break bones—and, I recently discovered, under-developed fetuses—I hope that you take none of the hurtful things said about you personally. But there is one thing I want to clear up as to why every heterosexual guy in America scoffs when a group (herd? gander?) of you walk by. It's not because you're gay. We do not hate you because you're gay. We hate you because you act like women.

In a sense, being gay could be kind of cool. I mean, there are entire bars dedicated to you guys getting laid, and you never have to worry about knocking some chick up. However, it does suck that the CIA invented AIDS to kill you guys off.

Gay guy getting blowjob
This part? Totally cool. I mean, fucking gross, but nothing that hasn't been done plenty of times before.
But please, I don't want gays to think that they are hated because of their homosexuality. There are billions of women on Earth who enjoy as much—if not more—cock than you do and they are openly welcomed by society. Hell, if you guys want to put a big, throbbing, dick in your mouth (*shudder*), all the power to you. I honestly couldn't do it, so you're stronger than me there. The last time I went to the emergency room the doctor stuck his finger up my ass and I still suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. There are people that get pleasure from fucking midgets covered in maple syrup, so I can't really judge you for licking the occasional cock.

So now that we've established that the general population doesn't despise you for being gay, we should move on to why we do hate you. In all honesty, we hate the fuck out of gay people because they act like women. Gay people are men that act like women, does anyone else see a problem with that?

Gay guy acting feminine with his girlfriends
This part? Totally uncool. Biggest waste of a penis ever.
We hate gay people because they gossip and bring drama. We hate gay people because they love to shop and they care deeply about how they look. Does anyone realize how annoying that is? When you see a man—a human fortunate enough to be blessed with a long, swinging weapon-of-a-penis—who acts like an annoying plastic bitch? Why would anyone like a person like that?

And the crying. Dear God the crying. The revolting idea of a testosterone-fueled guy pouring out his emotions onto someone else's pathetic shoulder makes me sick to my stomach.

We hate gay people because they steal women away from us. But not in the cool, "your girl likes my dick" kinda way; in the "let's stay up all night talking about who we think is cute" way. Why the fuck would a straight guy enjoy someone taking a girl away from them? We hate it when girls do that, and we hate it when gay guys do it.

So please, gay people, don't get upset when we call you "fag-holes" and "dick-chokers." We don't hate you because you cover your face in semen. Hell, it probably tastes good (*shudder*). We hate you because you act like the most annoying species on earth: women. I'm even willing to bet that if you acted less like women, you would be more respected. You can suck dicks and still just chill like normal dudes. Help me help you. Please just act a little more gay, and a little less like women.

Silence Dogood.

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Does this mean that Women deserve to be hated? Obviously, acting like a woman is terrible!

Don't get offended people. Just assume he wrote this article on his laptop in the closet. You know the one in the hallway where he used to hide from his step-daddy. Butt, then he got found. *ouch*

Hope that doesn't bring back too many suppressed childhood memories. *ouch*


@I'm Funnier Than You: i'm going find you, and then i'm going to kill you. Slowly.

Just saying.

I will say I think most gay men don't act like "women," and I wouldn't doubt that most, hate the one's who exercise the stereotype as much as any other man would. It's not the gay part that is the issue, but in the cases of the flamers its the queer flaunting and almost predictable theatrics that come's across [no.pun.intnd] almost as a insult to the man in you (again, no pun intendd).
So too this type, I think what the author meant, but failed to articulate was: If you love balls so much, act like you have them.
Otherwise, your not only insulting the common man, your fueling the incorrect stereotype about the common gay man, that already exists. From there its a chain reaction, and perpetuates the gap between gay and straight...and ultimately: equality. The flaunting, dancing, prancing, fairy princesses that wanna pull the victim card, ironically do more damage to the image they are claiming to live and protect when they start preaching like reverse "gayism". The 'inquiry' [or in queery haha] there is that the "flaming type" have more to do with their own negative image than anyone else's input.
Its like don't wear a fucking neon sign on your forehead with sparkles and yellow shirt if you don't want to get noticed. If you wannabe a showboat, you gotta except the crowds review. Otherwise let the curtain fall.
And as far as the women comment ... I think the less arrogant /more reasonable translation would be:
i.e. to the flamer type: They are not acting like "women" in general, but more as the demanding, and dangerous, empty and shameful, [mainly-female]--personality type, best known on the street as: The Drama Queen. And [I hope] We can all agree: Nobody likes those.

Final thought:
As in any minority/equality etc. issue or as I prefer to call BS...its the one's who flaunt their "oppression" and societal "stat-quo" as a masked form of vanity, that do the most damage to the group picture for which they pose. So above all, no matter what you've learned today kids, take this one home with you: When you smile for the yearbook, don't let the bully or the class clown spoil your class photo.

They, like women, can't help that they act like that. There's been studies showing they are just born with those personalities. They try to hide it for years, and then they come out and they just want to be proud. I hate stereotypes too, but I hate the stereotype not the person. This is what happens with any group that's been oppressed, they flaunt what makes them different.

Don't worry dude, the more accepted they are in society, the more diverse they will be. Still, this guy is just focusing on the stereotype. Not all gay men or women are like that. This guy has a problem with shallowness, I get it- but I've met plenty of shallow "masculine" men. I'm not arguing with what you're saying, just kind of elaborating.

Btw, there's nothing wrong with a feminine man- nurturing, sensitive, kind, provider. That actually sounds like the perfect personality for a father. I think men are just as oppressed as women when they're expected to act a certain way and can't be themselves.

This guy is acting like a drama queen, I think. He just sounds so worked up over this. I can tell a man is uncomfortable with his masculinity when he's always focusing on the how masculine other men are. Trust me- I met plenty of straight, otherwise masculine, drama queens. This guy is acting like a stereotype too.

You said it all perfectly. I felt like I was reading something I would've said, only much better spoken! haha There will always be the idiots that will always hate gays and probably everyone different than them. But for the majority of level headed straight men I agree with everything you said. Very well said! Thank you for putting it out there in a sensible manor. Thumbs up

ummm this Alex guy is obviously a looser.

Very profound The Night Blogger - all except for the last sentence...

Very profound The Night Blogger - all except for the last sentence...

Haha, I totally fucked his ass a few days ago. Don't let him fool you people, He looooooves the cock as much as we do.

Dont worry dude, I wish you will be"gay" like us on your second life and I wish to be like you on my second life so you would know exactly how it feels like to be one in this society. Goodluck, hopefully you wont end up killing yourself when that time comes...cheers!

You come off as a wannabe frat boy whose masking his own homosexuality by being a gay basher because you're too ashamed to admit your own longings, even to yourself. Just thought you should know.

Andrei Trostel's picture

So let me get things straight here.

You don't hate gay people because they are gay but because they act like women, which you hate.

O.k. I think I've got it now.
Wait Alex, things still don't seem "straight" to me though. ;-P

look at yourself. theres no way you are straight

Andrei Trostel's picture

Sorry to shatter your little narrow minded view of things. Good luck navigating the world.

you are way gay

Andrei Trostel's picture

Nope, but it IS quite telling that you're picturing in your mind who I am having sex with and the imagery contained two men. Straight guys usually imagine a woman in there somewhere. I mean, being straight, I know that I would. Good luck with that though, there really isn't anything wrong with being gay.

Grasshopper's picture

So you prefer not to spend time with gay people cos they act like women. Therefore you must prefer not to spend time with women, as they invariably will act like women. So whats left...
Ah... big, macho, manly, butch dudes.
You know i think they have some bars dedicated to people like you too

cheerios's picture

so, you write a piece of homophobic bullshit because you don't like women? I beat the crap out of the last basher I encountered and I swear there was no hair pulling involved. This is a new low for Points in Case.

That is the faggiest avatar ever.

No, you're a tard.

I hope you get arrested for a hate crime or perhaps for woman battering and get ass raped in jail. Oh wait, dream come true for you...Douchebag

silence dogood...hahah

Gavin Pitt's picture


I'm Gay, and I don't act like a woman. I've never done drag in my life, I'm built like the proverbial brick shithouse,could give two shits about fashion, and would rather watch A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET than ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. There are all kinds of gays, just like there are all kinds of straights. Everyone deserves the right to be treated with respect.

The constant :shudders: and :grosses: after you mention gay sex would certainly give Dr. Freud something to mull over if he got you on his couch. I find the idea of vaginal sex distasteful, but I don't feel the need to tell people that I smoke sausage every time I use the word "clitoris"

Not your best article dude. Somewhat offensive and overly reliant on stereotype actually. I'm sure you didn't mean anything by it, but it comes across as more mean than funny...

Travis's picture

Perhaps you don't find the need to tell people you smoke sausage because...whether you tell people or not...they can tell...the second I saw your picture I could tell you were gay. You were offended only because something because something he said really hit home.

Ben's picture

Just one example of a poor observation.

You simply cannot tell if a person is gay by sight! What a load of BS!

With some guys you can tell yes, but I mean you really think that??

Maybe you need to get out there and meet more gay people rather than just hating them!!

Travis's picture

Ben, you certainly aren't wrong. There are many good examples of gay men that you can not tell by looking or talking to them that they are gay. I 100% agree...however he was not one of them. I prefer those, and have met some of those that you can not tell instantly. I do not hate gay guys, I actually really like them, without them, I'd never get laid. I'm not judging you, I respect your strong stand on the conversation. Don't be so quick to judge me as a hater. I dislike certain personalities just as you dislike certain personalities. Somehow you find your dislike of a certain set of personalities more valid than my own dislike of personalities. I suggest you avoid that, because you'll only get yourself into a situation of defending yourself while I find no need to defend what I believe in, as it should speak for itself to those with an "open mind."

Ben's picture

I did not claim or imply my like of certain personalities was more valid per say, from my other comments back you should realise I actually like open and honest guys, be they totally straight acting or a tad camp. So long as they are genuine and not totally insecure.

You can't say "don't be so quick to judge" when you have just insulted a person based on how the look or act, it's laughable.

Gavin Pitt's picture

[You were offended because something he said really hit home]

-No, I was offended because he implies all Gay guys act like women (I don't, none of my friends do) and because he says "We hate Gay people" nine times in Nine paragraphs.

-Most people can't tell I'm Gay- like I said. Six foot three, deep voice with ocker accent, endless array of horror movie tee shirts (current favourite: HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES). Some people are more obviously Gay than others- some are Straight acting, like me, some are not. Generalizations and stereotypes serve only to trip people up...

Ben's picture

Don't take this paragraph the wrong way Gavin, this is a point to Travis:
I don't act like a woman either, however I respect peoples right to act however they like, and not in the form of tolerance, but acceptance. Might not be for me but you know what it's their life and personality and I won't be shamed into condemning it!

From a professional view point I can tell you that these horrendous stereotypes that Travis spoke of are very common fears for young people who are confused over their sexuality, I did not experience such concerns, but I know that they are common place because sexuality is so taboo!

I agree gavin, you have made a lot of valid points, this article in it's published form is offensive, that is to say likely to cause offense. So Travis is not offended, that is his personality, in my opinion one of conformity and crowd pleasing, but that is not the point I respect his opinion. His attitude well maybe that has came across in a way that I question his integrity.

What You are saying travis about these concerns/fears you had have turned out incorrect yes? Your character is not defined by sexuality, but why piss on other peoples chips?

Andrei Trostel's picture

O.k. o.k. o.k. I earlier tried to diffuse this train wreck of a comment section and bring laughter back into this mire of hatred and intolerance. Not only is this just becoming a cluster fuck of reply confusion, but things have definitely gone too far now....


Ben's picture

HAHA Andrei you just made me crave fish and chips, cheers for that! :(

more like fish and DICKS mmm... faggot.

I thought that to that he was gay but mu cuz and aunt is gay but i do hate gay guys who think that they are girls or girls who think they are guys

get the dick out of your mouth faggot

Reread your article. You're an asshole. Get a life. Stop giving a fuck how other people live their lives, and worry about your own.

Its people like you..

He gives a fuck because queers like u are in his life

Kate's picture

In Boonstra's defense, I think he is directing this towards the irritating "Jack Mcfarland" homosexual men- who many people find the antics of, slightly grating.
Whilst I agree that this certainly isn't his best piece, let me point out that Nate DeGraaf writes casually misogynistic articles and Paul Frank writes about his fear of black people, and decapitating the elderly, sex workers and children with great ease and frequency. None of those are considered to be "offensive", nor should this be.
Not once in this piece did Alex say that he hates every gay person, or say that they all act like whiny 16-year old girls. He just points out that the over-the-top fairies make him, and a large portion of the population uncomfortable.
I could be totally wrong- but I felt like playing the Devil's Advocate in this case. Apologies for my rambling- it's late and I'm smashed.

BTW I absolutely love gays, DeGraaf and Paul Frank (in that order)

The thing about DeGraaf and Paul Frank is that they're both funny. I didn't find this funny at all. I didn't read a joking tone into it. I didn't even see a joke in there, just few different ways to say "gay."

I thought this article was hilarious, so did my gay buddy. i mean if a homo gets offended by that its because their to feminine obviously and shouldnt even be allowed to voice opinions. i know we gave women the right to vote (even though we dont even count their ballots) and look what happened. damn gays.

oh yea, good work boonstra

"In 1722 a series of letters appeared in the New-England Courant written by a middle-aged widow named Silence Dogood. The letters poked fun at various aspects of life in colonial America, such as the drunkenness of locals, religious hypocrisy, and the persecution of women."

this kid wrote silence dogood expecting it to offend us. this shit is deeper than all you fuckers. if it offends you, thats why he put silence dogood. it wasnt funny, but it was offensive, and thats what silence dogood wrote.

you know who silence dogood turned out to be? Ben fucking Franklin.

holy hell people! this IS extremely offensive to gays in general, but the site is intended for offensive things. If Paul can write about pedo's and rape like it's his job and get responses like "dude, you're awesome" why can't someone playfully bash the over the top faries.

I hate Paul Frank. Can you tell?

Seriously dude, this piece of work is not your finest. But i'll give you another chance.

I was mostly offended by the woman bashing...being a female, it's understandable that i wasn't happy.

Ohkay, i think what you actually mean is that they act like the things you hate in women, but still, i've met plenty of gay guys who don't act like girls. in fact, you probably have friends that are gay, and you don't even know it. Just like their are people who act like girls, but their honestly straight.

honestly though, by writing this, your just showing your closemindedness, and how judgemental and stereotypical you are.

it was good enough.... but where the fuck is paul frank lately???

Its funny that you talk about being closeminded when all you see in the article is hate. If YOU were openminded then you would in fact see the humor. get a life fuckstick. Like i said before, GREAT MOTHER F'IN ARTICLE

Gavin Pitt's picture

Like I've said before, I don't think Alex meant it to be as offensive as it comes across as, but it still remains so. Jokes at the expense of someone's sexuality are just as goache as jokes about someone's race. And it's hard to take any commentator defending the article seriously about why Gay folks like me are just failing to see the humour in it, when your defense contains the words "if a homo gets offended." Replace "homo" with "n***er" and you'll begin to understand where my anger is coming from. In a climate where Gay people are still being murdered daily somewhere on the planet just because they're Gay, another article that gives people an excuse to deride us for whom we love is not required. And it's hard not to see hate in an article that uses the sentence "we hate Gay people" nine times in nine paragraphs...

i dont consider homo to have a negative connotation though. i mean if you called me a hetero im 99.9% sure i wouldnt get offended. and if the article had been saying kill gays or punch those fairies in their faces then yea i would agree with you. Ive got gay friends and theyve called me a fag before, its all a bunch of PC bullshit. Im in the marine corps and i hear ppl sayin all the time, oh if they take the dont ask dont tell policy away ill be beatin some ass. Which sounds like they want to buttrape some dudes. thats besides the point, its the violent bashing that i dont agree with, makin fun of an flamboyant gay person is not the same as calling some one a n***er. But since you bring in race, the more stereotypical black someone acts the more we make fun of them no? so the more "Jack Macfarlane" someone acts is indeed a subject of ridicule. Just puttin it out there.

I would put big money that Boonstra was the "anonymous" source who brought up the Silence Dogood reference to try and explain his humor. Homo says what?

Jesus titty fucking Christ you people commenting here are a bunch of whiny ass fucking pussies.

This is very distasteful, it is an individual's choice to show whatever balance of character traits they feel comfortable with. It is not your place to judge that really camp guy in the street, it takes a lot of courage to reveal your true character sometimes.
I suspect your the dislike of gay people acting girly is actually untrue, in that if you see a gay couple in the street holding hands you would feel exactly the same.
Yet holding the hand of someone you love is the most natural thing in the world.

I am gay, and I wouldn't change it if I could, I feel I have a fairly balanced personality, I cope well under stress, I'm ambitious and business orientated, I suppose I could be defined as 'straight acting.' I am who I am, I never desired to do drag in my life, I'm happy in a suit half my life!

As for Girls and gays guys, tough luck I suppose, 'bro's' before 'ho's,' gay guys need friends too ya know! Just keep your insecurities in check, if you love a person you have to let her see their friends.

"Normal dudes," I get what you mean but LGBT people are normal, humans are diverse, sexual orientation and identity are complex. what makes a heterosexual normal and therefore homosexuals abnormal?

"Jokes at the expense of someone's sexuality are just as goache as jokes about someone's race."

So true! NO humor was missed! The difference between homo and hetro is that gay people are murdered for being gay, same reason we have gay pride and the pink triangle holocaust memorial! It's not PC BS it's a bit of tolerance, peoples sexuality is a touchy subject, LGBT suicide figures show the need for acceptance.

P.s. If you're just going to call me something don't bother :)

You guys need to get the sand out of your vaginas.

Gray2007's picture

its like they tried to get the sand out of their vaginas and it all just went straight to the clit.

This whole article has pretty much made me feel like shit. It's people like you that makes me feel like digging a hole and staying there the rest of my life. I'm gay, and I don't act like a girl. Sure I care about how I look, but I'm not conceided. And fuck yeah, I cry alot. Want to know why? Because of douchebags like you. It's because of people like you why I... well.. WE aren't really accepted in life.

Btw, you think this is a CHOICE?! How we act is how we act. We can never change it, only add new layers of our personality on top. Inside, we will always be the same. It's a sad fact of nature.

I'm alone. It fucking hurts. It feels like someone it driving a knife covered in acid straight into my chest. When I walk around or see a movie and there are two people hugging/kissing/in love/ etc... it hurts because chances of falling in love for me are so low that I don't think theres a number to describe it.

btw. I'm only 13 and I already feel this. See what society has done to me? I blame people like you.

P.S.- I hope some rabid squirrels rip you into pieces while you sleep... slowly.

Gavin Pitt's picture

Thirteen Year Old,

You are not alone. Things may seem bleak and lonely now, but society is changing its attitude towards us Queers (slowly, I grant you). Homophobia and Heterosexism are on the way out.

Don't worry- you may feel alone and upset right now, but it gets better. Sooner or later you'll meet other Gay people and get involved in the community, and you'll find someone special. Or several someones!

It takes time and patience, but it'll happen. *You are not alone*. Keep safe, keep happy and don't let the bigots get to you. :Hugs:

btw- like Casey says below, look me up on Facebook if you need a shoulder to lean/cry on...

KC Jayfree's picture

Hey thirteen-year-old bud,

I don't know exactly what you're going through, but I've been 13 before and it's definitely a crappy age -- gay, straight or whatever.

You don't need a significant other when you're so young, you may feel like it, but I'll guarantee you most kids your age and older don't have anybody else -- and that's okay. Take these younger years to learn who you are.

There's no advice I can give you that will cure all your problems, but these people making fun of you aren't making fun of who you are, just who they think you are.

So fuck 'em.

If you need more support, look me up on facebook and e-mail me. I'm not a professional counselor, but sometimes it helps just to have somebody listen -- or read your e-mail.

And remember, "Fuck 'em."


Gavin Pitt's picture

Dear Casey,

You are officially awesome- something I have suspected for a while now. Cute, funny and with a social conscience beating away under a mask of sociopathic depravity. Give Mekanek a round of Energon Cubes on me!

Andrei Trostel's picture

Hey man, (13yr/old anony)

As Casey has so eloquently pointed out, thirteen is a hard age no matter what your sexual orientation is or whatever environment you are living in. As you have also so bravely shared it can be even harder when faced with closed minded bullshit, of which there seems to be a lot of. You certainly aren't alone in this because not only have we all experienced that tumultuous age but we have all, in our own way, experienced closed minded bullshit as well. Part of the reason so many straight guys are so homophobic is because they are filled with fear inside of anyone different from themselves. By trying to squash what is different from themselves, they are demonstrating their inherent fear of their own insecurities, and of being alone and different in the world themselves. This fear of being alone in the world is our common ground as human beings, because after all, human's are a social being and none of us truly wish to be alone.

It is important to embrace all aspects of yourself and love them regardless of what others think. No matter what, there will always be some closed minded tool who will try and bury you in their own shit. The good news is that, despite all the shit, a beautiful flower can still grow and flourish.

Hang in there and don't let other people's shit stop you from growing into who you are. Instead, use it to become even stronger and healthier because after all, shit makes for some great fertilizer for the world's coolest flowers. ;-)

Like Gav and Casey, you can also feel free to contact me on facebook or by email if you need some support.


Hi 13 year old.
I will first say, I do agree with the people that commented on your post. But I do have to think that I may know it a little more....clear. Because, not to be mean to you guys but, I am 17 and I am younger. So now, when I was 13 I used to think I was alone to and then I met a guy named shannon and his gay and now his my best friend in the world. Yes, it hurts right now, but I promise you with all my life that it will get so much better! So, all I can really tell you is...Don't give up!

If you need me you can reach me at facebook!
my email is (so you can look me up!)

I don't have a pussy to get sand in... maybe you should get that checked out!

Ok I'll play along... this article is like kicking sand in my face, but as intolerant bigots this one just seems pathetic and insecure.

I agree it is not a choice, and it is hard, and I am waiting for someone to call the 13 year old a pussy too. Thing is it takes guts to cope with coming out as LGBT and dealing with bigots like the Alex.

To the 13 year old it is hard, I'm not going to lie to you, you face homophobia and heteronormativity from many sources, I spent my early teens down in the dumps, really quite depressed and feeling totally excluded. It is worth it tho! I still feel like I can never get a guy, but more recently I started to see that you just have to take every chance and go for it, not something I was in the position to do when I was 13!
It's just a case of living life and being patient the more open you are about your sexuality the more chance you have of finding love and good loyal friends. When you financially dependent on parents this may mean having to leave it until you can stand on your own feet.

Good luck, be strong, hope that was of some help :)

Why isn't Alex responding?
Man up!

Gaudio would have already torn shreds into these comment.
DeGraaf would fill them with disdain.
And Frank would piss and whine.

Come on "Boonstra" MAN THE FUCK UP!

Andrei Trostel's picture

Throughout history intolerance has always been a losing battle and those that try and fight for it will always ultimately lose and continue to lose. This fight was over before the first comment was even posted.

Alex's lack of open response demonstrates to me that this article got taken in a manner that wasn't at all what he intended. If that assumption is false then his lack of response indicates an apathy that is equally as distasteful as the original article was and there is simply no point in engaging in that scenario either.

Either way we should all just chalk this one up to poor comedic judgment and move on with more laughter in life and less confrontation. Alex isn't the first comedian to cross a line and hurt people and he won't be the last, especially on this site.

This type of comedy always comes down to walking a fine line between funny and offensive. Each and every one of us have fallen off that high wire act more then once in our careers under the guise of "I was just kidding" and if apologies aren't given then silence is always better then more screaming and yelling.

Let's move on with the laughter in life......

Ben's picture

I think you are cutting Alex a lot of slack there, I totally agree that a good joke can walk the line between observation and being offensive, even cross the line and still be acceptable, but that is not what this is, the original idea may have been intended to amuse, but the end result is a sustained attack.

Intolerance and hate are not going away, funny how speaking out against it makes a lot of people think we're getting an easy ride or that we are 'pussys'...

I quite like a good joke at the expense of gay people like myself, I believe this is beyond the grey area and down right offensive. I would have liked to see some comments back from alex, I think reading it a reasonable person would know the response it would get, but ya know there are many reasons he might have to not comment so fair enough.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yeah I hear you Ben, and you are right I'm definitely cutting him a lot of slack, where it might not be deserved.

I am giving Alex the benefit of the doubt though since he is a relatively new writer to the site. Some of the veteran writers have gotten away with just as equally offensive material and not been burned in effigy quite as ubiquitously. I would venture, depending on the demographic reading, some of the veteran writers have actually gotten away with even more. I truly believe Alex is just trying to find his niche as a new writer to PiC and wanted to test his limits in a "shock writing" venue. It is hard to make people laugh through writing and often time newer comedians think that if they just swear or offend people then others will think it is funny. Who knows, tomorrow it could be me that everyone is breaking out the pitch forks and torches for (actually a likely scenario given tomorrow's article). ;-P

The truly unique thing about PiC is that you can push the envelope as a writer where so many other places wouldn't even allow it. The end result is that you actually have this kind of stuff brought to light to be discussed, among other things. For every five articles that leave you rolling on the floor laughing there will always be one that makes you want to go running and screaming away from society.

I personally would much rather have this discussion out in the open where people can actually communicate about it rather then sacrifice the other five hilarious articles that would never see the light of day.

That doesn't make things any better or erase any of the words that were put out there in the universe, of course. However, the fact that he didn't come back and defend it tooth and nail may speak volumes one way or the other. He is still here, he wrote articles after this one and while his not commenting may seem cowardly it can also be seen as courageous as well, especially given the reader response to this one. It is a hard thing to keep writing when so many tell you how much you suck, believe me I know since I suck most of the time. ;-P

That all being said, I still think that as comedic writers (with a voice) we DO have a certain responsibility to our readers to deliver a quality product. If that responsibility is not maintained, if only just a little, then we won't have those readers for too long.

The bottom line is that the more attention we give the hatred and the intolerance in the world, the less time we spend laughing on a site that is supposed to be meant to make us laugh. In addition the more attention we give an article like this then the more likely we are to see other writers going this route to garner multiple comments or article hits instead of laughs.

Personally, I want to keep laughing through life and let all the intolerance simply eat away at itself instead of feeding it, unless of course it is more funny to just make fun of it through writing.


Ben's picture

I totally respect you cutting him the benefit of the doubt, I certainly do not know him and can only go on what he has said.

I am actually a youth worker, a very well respected one with several different groups of children, I also have travelled a lot, and lived in America and Europe. It is reasonable to assume to some extent this explains my stance on this article.

I see children left clueless about sexuality as it is not discussed at all in many schools in america or europe, having undergone training by various organizations I can tell you that many are totally unprepared to deal with anything of this nature.
Now I agree that innocence should be protected and sexuality and sex should be left until it is appropriate, but not letting them down.

I see what you mean about going through life laughing, I am very easygoing, so much so that it drives people up the walls, I am however totally professional in my work role, and youth work roles. I assure everyone I have no pussy to have sand in and all that cr*p.

I speak out because I can, and I feel a social responsibility to do so.

I really like your optimism, and I agree that paying attention to homophobia creates more hassle, my viewpoint is that I do what I can using my judgement, possibly what you are doing too :)

Andrei Trostel's picture

(nods) Absolutely Ben....except the judgment part, I'm pretty sure I don't have any of that left or I would have stopped commenting a long time ago. I do appreciate the benefit of the doubt though on the aforementioned judgment thing.


I agree with what he's saying here. I've openly gay for almost 10 years now and everything he mentioned in his article here is exactly the same problem I have with other gay guys. He said nothing at all that is offensive. If you were offended, then you are weak and over emotional and proving his point. It's annoying get over yourself. To take his defense, he never said he hated women, he never said anything negative about women. What he did say however was that MEN who act like annoying...I have to say, I agree with it. Again, I'm a gay male who would just as soon stop talking to another gay guy once I saw the limp wrist or heard the lisp. Perhaps this is the reason I've been single for pretty much my entire life, but I'd rather be single than to lower myself to dating someone who is so clearly confused with their own gender. They (or you, depending on who is reading this) may take offense to that...and if so...grow a pair and start acting like the man you were biologically designed to be.

I posted that last comment...I wanted to use my name on that.

Ben's picture

I don't know who is worse, I'm not surprised you have been single for so long, your dislike of anything remotely effeminate is probably just a way of you justifying to yourself being gay!

I find gay guys who say what you are saying are being incredibly weak, just take note straight guys that when a gay guy says stuff like this from experience they are just saying what they think you want to here, would you not prefer we are honest about things??

At least if we are honest you can either accept us, tolerate us or hate us, keeps things simple! Same for straight guys who aren't totally comfortable with gay people, it's fine, I can understand that difference can be daunting.

So maybe time for you to man up, grow a pair and put your insecurities to one side, I hope you sort yourself out.

As I said before I am straight acting and I am offended, I have explained why I am offended too. I'm not being hyper sensitive about anything I can assure you!

Your observations are crude, what many people posting comments have done is analyzed what he is saying, not fabricated or elaborated, simply taken it as a reasonable person would.

Travis's picture

hahahaha. I certainly am not telling anybody "what I think I want them to hear." I'm speaking from the very thing that caused me to wait so long to come out. When I was younger, I was afraid that by being gay I'd become somebody I wasn't and never wanted to be. I was afraid I'd develop a lisp, I'd lose control of my own wrist, and my whole personality would change. I finally realized however that being gay is WHAT I am and not WHO I am. It seems that too many other have not realized that. I have known many guys that before they came out were real genuine people and as soon as they came out, or realized and/or accepted they were gay they changed into some other person. I've long wondered what people mean by "gay pride." Why do you have to be proud of your sexual preference? Why can you not be proud of your personal accomplishments? Finishing high school, going to college, graduating college? Is that not enough? What does the gay community really have to offer to be proud of? We are a society that prides themselves on how many people we can sleep with while avoiding a variety of STD's. We display our pride in parades that honestly should be called Gay Porn Parades as you find several nearly naked men grinding eachother on floats. I am gay. I like men. I like men who act like men, who look like men. Men who look like women and/or act like women do not interest me. I can't understand, perhaps because of my own bias, why any gay man would be attracted to a guy who acts and/or looks like a woman. I agree with you though, it is no wonder I've been single for so long. I simply am not going to settle for someone who isn't a match with me.

Ben's picture

So you let your fears as a child control who you are as a person, even tho you have proven them wrong??

"Too many other people have not realized that," I think you are wrong there, from what Gavin has said it looks like, too me, he is perfectly aware that being gay is not who you are, and I can assure you I am equally as aware of my own personality.

I think your understanding of why people choose to celebrate Gay Pride shows up your insecurities, I am talking firstly about why people take pride in their sexuality, I understood this when I started becoming aware of life as a gay person. I am aware that gay people are becoming more accepted, but there are problems which I face and I am straight acting.

I am grateful for people who step out and are inspirational, like the most well known- Harvey Milk, he realized the difference that Travis says so many don't:
“All over the country, they’re reading about me, and the story doesn’t center on me being gay. It’s just about a gay person who is doing his job.”

I am as proud for coming out as I am for getting a placement to work in an amazing company for a year, neither of these occurrences define me, but they both changed me, primarily in boosting my confidence.

What have we to be proud of? Individuals that firstly find the strength to come out, and also those who step out and make positive steps for LGBT people, pride is on one level actually a non-violent protest, at my local pride many people protested for amnesty international protect the human campaign. Now for others it is an excuse to go out half naked and get drunk, I agree that it doesn't quite give the right image! Saying that who are you or I to say they can't for whatever motive. Just don't underestimate the protest that is there!

My local pride was a source of income and interest for projects that for example provide services for young people who are confused and distressed about their sexuality.

I totally see where you are coming from about not settling for someone that is not compatible with you, for that I say good on you! I'm not attracted to guys that act like girls either, but I do accept them and who knows it's unlikely but I may even fall for one of them :)

13 yr old, your a pussy. life sucks then you die, get over it, take it in the ass or w/e you wanna do enjoy life and then die. its more fun that way.

Ben's picture

Life doesn't suck, well at least mine doesn't, maybe you should make yours better before you go giving advice to/insulting a 13 yo :)

I do agree with your enjoy yourself while you can philosophy tho.

your are the most ignorant piece of shit iv ever seen!!! not all gay people act like women! i dont! im gay and i still play football and baseball for my school! and the entire school no's im gay and they dont care! your a pathetic shit and your prob gay yourself!

If hell existed then the person who wrote that would end up there. Sadly it doesn't, so I'll have to resort to my sculpels and tracking techniques. It is clear that he hates women, but he is targeting gay men in his rant. This leads to two possible conclusions. First possibility: he is a horrible person, possibly a sociopath, who is hated by most people who actually meet him. For this reason very few people get close to him. There is also the possibility that he may have recently broken up with someone he cared for dearly. He wants something to blame, which becomes the gay community.
Second possibility: he actually is attracted to men, but has grown up in a very close-minded family/society and will not accept it. This leads him to force himself into relationships with women, which would probably end badly most of the time. For this reason he hates women because he has to force himself to be with them, and hates gay men because he cannot be free to be with them as his mindset cannot allow him to view the world in that way.

Frank's picture

This is a comedy article. Get a sense of humour

John Gillespie's picture

I have to agree with Frank on this. Some fucked up things have been said on this site over the years, and when I started reading this I didn't take any of it serious. It's just a humors piece.

Um that is the funniest thing I have read in like the last year... and Im gay.

Some people really need to get a sense of humour, and see this for what it is.

I don't a single gay gay with low enough self respect to say that is NOT offensive!

Maybe those rose tints need to come out once in a while, man up and face the truth.

You sound like you don't like people too much. You don't like gay men much, especially if they act like women. And you don't like women much because they will invariably act like women. You don't like straight men if they act like women. What about gay women who act like men? You need to get a life.

lol entertaining to read but so full of bullshit.

I just don't understand why gay guys don't like pussy. ;) What's not to like?! It was freakin created for our dicks' pleasure! Gay people are like vegetarians- my reaction is similar to "wtf you don't like cheeseburgers?!" Of course on the contrary, gay people do eat a lot of meat. ;)

I don't get why people cant just agree to disagree. Some people found this article entertaining. They believed that it was humorous and not offensive. Others believed that the article was offensive and the author was insensitive.
The End. There are two sides to every story.

people want to have their say, you try and make such an obvious post, this is the reason there are comments sections, so people can have their say, so wise up

I understand that people want to have their say. I don't understand, however, why people feel the need hurl shit at each other. Its like, okay, both of you have made your points i don't get why there are 18 more rants back and forth from you guys. And its usually bc someone makes some ignorant comment. The blogosphere gets on my nerves sometimes.
My issue isn't people speaking their minds, its people spewing hate back and forth.


Now those who are gay are mostly defending their way of life, those who aren't gay... well not sure why they are so interested!!?

filthy fags should just jump off a cliff. bunch of pricks

Another ignorant F*** Wit Pissing on chips? W**KER!

Well babes I'm no prick, probably just moaning cos your life is S***, not my problem, I do very well for myself, and I don't have to involve myself with how other people life their life... Possibly cos I have a life

Ok, I would like to state my fair but honest opinion on this issue. I am a 44 year old straight female. The reason why I am even on this page is because I was doing a little research on why (SOME) gay men act so feminine and gitty and (please note I said SOME men).

First of all I think everyone has the right to be who they are without being criticized and have nothing against homosexuality but, I have to be honest, It really does annoy me when a man acts much more feminine and gitty than I do as a natural born female. I try to not let it bother me because I am a fair and understanding person and know that everyone is different and everyone has walked in different shoes but, I don't understand it and it is really beginning to get to me as I run into this type of person more and more as time goes on. Honestly, it would annoy me even if a woman acted that way but worse and unnatural for a man. I mean it's the walk, the talk and the whole flighty thing about it. But to see a man act so fragile like he is going to break and shatter if he walks too fast is a little too phony for me to stomach. Sometimes I will say under my breath (oh, give me a break!!) I just wish that people could really and truly be themselves without putting on an act or a show and if that is they way that really are then so be it but I tend to think otherwise in most cases as I am generally a pretty perceptive person.

Listen, I'm not bashing anyone personally but really just being honest and stating how I see it and how it makes me feel and how it makes others that I personally know feel as well. The only conclusion that I can come to is that maybe the men who put on this type of a display are only doing so because they don't feel accepted (which is understandable) and this is their way of trying to acquire acceptance or fit in. Maybe they are still exploring who they are and really haven't found themselves yet. Whatever the case, I just wish that the gay men that do act this way would recognize how annoying it is to many people (not all of course) and not to try so hard to prove themselves. It seems like the more obvious people either behave this way or the extreme opposite and are moody and act in a non approachable or very tempramental way. It would be nice to see a happy medium more often. I hope this was tastefully said.


fuck gay people..and the ghetto lesbians!

That's the perception that we hate...
I'm gay...Does that means i act like girl?
I always work out at gym..
I've once fight 3 straight mans alone..(coz they hate gay and atck me)
I'm working at construction site...
i always go jungle tracking alone...
i have muscle..
i have heart...
i have feelings...
i don't act like girl...
i just need someone to understand how i felt...
i don't ask to be gay..
blame god for making me this way...
please...remove that old fashion way of thinking...
wanna critic me go ahead..
wanna be friends with me?
i'll always welcome you..

oliviaone's picture

HA HA HA HA HA . im new to this site. just skimming through ppls pages. happened to run across this shit.. so funny. why do gays get so offended? if you disagree with his opinion, then why dont you go to a gay chat room or message board and bash straight people and question why they act like their natural born gender. my best friend is bisexual and sometimes she can act like a guy.. but when people make fun of her for it shes not offended.. shit she will laugh along. If youre openly gay, and you dont give a fuck, i totally respect you. cause that usually means youre not the type of gay person to go on a high pitched rant everytime somebody calls you a homo. For you gay people who get pissed off at that shit, why even come out of the closet? like seriously, homosexuality is not totally socially accepted yet. so if youre going to come out about your gayness, you better have thick skin. VEERRRY thick skin.

We not mad coz people call us HOMO..
We're mad when people made assumption that when they see 1 gay person act girly then they said all gay people are girly...
Should we also said "All straight guy are RAPIST"??..
Just because u see 1 person like that..makes other person the same.

This is what the author said
"We do not hate you because you're gay. We hate you because you act like women."...

Well then he shouldn't be around women coz he hate it..
He should be around man..
Wait..that will make he look like gay i guess...
I know..he should just hang him self and die..

That is an assumption that he made himself..
That's not what other people think..
Some hate coz we're GAY...
That's the fact that nobody can ever change...

I hate how everyone gets offended all the time. It makes writing/saying anything publicly extremely tedious because of all the disclaimers you have to make. I made quite a few below, but for the record: I am straight. I say "gays" because, like the author said, I really don't know what's preferrable. Below, I refer to a sub-set of the gay population, the one which has become the poster-boy for the gay stereotype, and has attracted so much hate from the straight population. Also, my name has nothing to do with sex, you dirty people!

Ok, where does the women-hatred come from? He said we (straight people) "hate" gays because they act like women. But they don't!!! They TRY to act feminen but it comes off unnaturally on a male body. I think the discrepancy there and the fact that (certain, particular) gays continue to act that way anyway is what's irritating. I personally cringe at the "gay" dialect that homosexuals worldwide have all seemed to unanimously adopt. Girls don't talk like that, and other than the prissy, self-righteous, spoiled bitches, women do not have the same mannerisms that gays pull off (often in an exaggerated fashion).

My take on all this (and I welcome feedback from actual gays), is that it's not always easy to discern who is gay and who isn't. If I'm single and want to get in a relationship, I can find women easily. So, I'm thinking the flaming behavior/fashion choices (popped collar?) is a signal. What I DON'T get though, is that most gays will continue the act even after finding someone. Is this how it is? Also, for the more "discreet" gays, how do you all find partners? I'm guessing you dislike the flamers as well, so that would be a little harder for you?

some of the coolest people i have met have been gay, and I could not tell. They acted like just one of the guys.

so everyone stfu and let people live the life they wanna live and worry about yourselves. it's that simple.
this article was written as a joke (hopefully) and it sadly hurt some people. everyone needs to just calm down and let people be themselves.

Maybe us homophobes can't respect the gay man because all we know of them is how the very conspicuous flamers act so "gay". The less "gay" acting homosexuals don't draw attention to their "gayness" and subsequently are not noticed (thank you for that). But, boy, when you hear those sibilant s's being hurled across a room and the effeminate "gayness" is literally dripping off of every gesture and motion of some prancing gay monkey, you have assuredly stirred up the acid-reflux in a normal heterosexual. I hope this effeminate show-tune behavior is never accepted, because it is less than "fabulous".

ur a little shit u know that, im so tired of heteros trying to just keep it hidden? dude go fuck urself! im gay and i have every right to be as "gay" as i want or as "little gay" as i want. if a man wants to be fem...well let him! how u feel if u were gay and u were hearing this?? and plz dont start with its a choice cuz i will be forced to laugh! its not! u need to rethink ur life! cuz u are heading in the wrong direction my friend!

Wow. Great article. I'm not sure whether I'm more offended by your ass-backwards logic or your categorical hate towards all gay dudes. I'm gay, and given how whiney and bitchy your article is, I'm a hell of a lot less effeminate than you are. I'm a varsity athlete and a member of a fraternity at my school. I enjoy watching football. Most of my brothers and teammates don't know I'm gay, because I don't act "like a woman." And yeah, I like dudes. Give me a break. Not all straight guys hate gay guys. And not all of us act like women. In fact, most of us are much more masculine than you are. So please, refrain from throwing all of us into the same category. I don't enjoy effeminate guys either, but I don't have to bash them in order to affirm my masculinity. Try harder. Much, much harder.

The gays you are referring too are Queens.

The acting like women, dressing like women, crying their lives out... I dislike them as well.

The gay in this article was used a little too generally but I was quick to discern what type of gay you are referring too.

Your Angry Black Woman post is far too funny to not enjoy your writing. Glad I read that one first.

I'm Gay my self and thought this was a brilliant article. All you people need to get a grasp on life and not take everything to bloody seriously!

I hate gay men as they act like women, i also hate lesbians as they act like men.
I hate gender.. really in general..


I hate stereotypes, time to come out of the closet Alex.

I'm pretty sure some gays aren't like this. I'm also positive that most "flamboyant" gays do act this way. I'm not sure if this has to do with the whole appointing who will be the male and female in the relationship, but the gays who act flamboyant bring drama worse than bitchy women do. I've been friends with lots of them. So concerning that sub-stereotype, this article rings true, but for the sake of not creating too much controversy than this article already has, it was a only the tiniest bit over exaggerated.

And also, why should people be tolerant of others, if the ones in question have some of the worst personalities? No one should have to tolerate someone with too many negative characteristics.

Full of win, not as much win as Angry Black Woman, but close.

So some gay men are effeminate, big fuckin deal. My uncle is gay, hes an ex-paramilitary. He used to torture drug dealers. Id pay money to see you say that to his face.

Dear Alex,
We don't hate you because you're effeminate and opinionated- we hate you because you're wrong.

Dicks go in vaginas. That is all.

I'm going to find out who you are and murder you.

fuck these fags,now the new generation will have more of these bitches. damn man i swear. wtf, this shit never went down in the old days.. man fuck this shit ima move to china.

This is hilarious, dude must be gay... Most gays are not feminine at all, and for those that are, it takes way more balls to be feminine than it does to be some insecure butch guy.

I myself love being a butch gay man, rather be that than some some insecure straight guy competing with other men to be the most masculine when in reality why would straight men constantly want to be surrounded by other men. Its being gay without the sex, "oh lets touch each other constantly while we play manly sports and dominate other men"

At the end of the day straights or supposed straights do many homo erotic activities that they think are so manly. At least straights give me a good laugh when they're trying to be the toughest guy around. Hey straighteys stop worrying about what other men do and go impress some chicks if you're straught.

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHAHA For the record, some straight guys find this "manly" behavior pretty hilarious too...

bunch of fucking gays haha. America has been ruined by this plague. Female acting or not. its a disgrace to mankind. If you are a guy and you will willingly suck another mans dick and have him shove it up your ass and like it you are a sick person. Dicks were made for vaginas. Not assholes and mouths. So get the dick out of your mouth and maybe America will understand you.

Ben's picture

I am a guy and will " willingly suck another mans dick and have him shove it up your ass," and you know what I'll like it too!
I'm not sick, and I'm not a disgrace, I am a valued member of my community, I am damn good at what I do too. I also happen to be gay, heck I'm even proud of it.

"America has been ruined by this plague"

This made my laugh, I feel it needs some explaining! I would say it needs proof but I think we both know that isn't possible.

I am used to witnessing homophobia, It is not usually obvious to anyone that I'm gay so I don't have it as bad as others, but didn't stop someone taking a brick to my new car because I'm gay. Hatred only makes me realise I'm willing to put up crap from morons like yourself for love.

I say I am used to homophobia, the articles authors fixation with gay sex still creeps me out a little, and when I read comments like yours I wonder what is lacking in your life that you feel the need to as I have said before 'piss on my chips.' That's just my first thought and very much the case when the moron took a brick to my car... After you deny what I am saying maybe you should take a look at why you have such strong views on homosexuality, you might even surprise yourself. Based upon the nature of your post I don't expect you to do it before any reply despite having gay sex on your mind. :s

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yeah, no pissing on chips people!
Chip pissing is where I draw the line.
There is just no cause for pissing on them.
Let's all agree to enjoy chips, piss free.

Ben's picture

HAHA, I thought u might have something to say about keeping chips piss free!

i mean in the end your still a fucking queer and an outcast. im normal and nobody gives me strange looks because they know that i dont like choking on cock unlike you who they see and say what the fuck look at that fag

Ben's picture

Oh dear... that's almost too pathetic to respond to :s

Nothing really more to say than I'm a fucking queer.

"Outcast?" No, just out.

So what if some people don't like me? I don't particularly care, I have a great life with plenty of lovely people in it! I can accept the viewpoints of most others, and readily take out the trash if needs be.

"I'm normal"
If you're 'normal' then I'm rather glad I'm not!
In polite society we don't tend stare at other people because they are different. As I have said before don't hate me because somethings lacking in your life.

Again focusing on performing oral sex on another man... That's rather interesting, maybe you should look towards the source of your hatred sometime. I wouldn't wish to make any guess as to why but really doesn't strike me as particularly normal.

Yeah it's just the really bitchy gay guys that bother me.
I know one gay guy that I would consider a friend but even though he is kind of stereotypical of gay guys in some ways he doesn't act like a bitch.

This article was pretty awful. I'm gay and I'm like any other guy. In fact when people find out that I am a "dick-choker", they often don't believe me due to the stereotypes. As I read your article, you still made homophobic comments towards gay people regarding the sexuality side that you said you had no qualms with. You put "shudders" in to the sexual acts though apparently your article was supposed to only regard the stereotypes.

While the author directed his hatred toward gay men that he perceives as hyper-effeminate, in truth, the authors real anger appears to stem from gender ambiguity.
Gender is a social construct, with multiple and evolving definitions. Many cultures include more than two genders. Unlike genetically predetermined chromosomal sex, (which is also often complicated and ambiguous) gender is "assigned" at birth, by an individual working within human limitations and fallibility.
Sometimes we are most angry with gender ambiguity because it confuses our sense of attraction and desire. We feel betrayed by our own mind or body and we then act out.

The thing is, the article wasn't edgy, it wasn't intelligent, and it wasn't funny. For a bit of light readying for the author, I am including a link to an article that marks today's 1-year anniversary of the suicide of an 11 year old boy after enduring bullying at school, including daily taunts of being gay. Perhaps you could share with his mother how you meant your article as harmless humor.

Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they act like girls. I'm gay and I don't. I play sports and shopping isn't fun. If I cry its because someone I care about died or I got broke up with. Maybe you need to act more careless and a little less like a dumbass. Gay people hate themselfs and kill themselfs for people like you. So good job. I'm sure some 12 year old gay guy that was googling at like 1:30 am about gays and he is confused read this and killed himself. Why do you care if we act like girls? Maybe you need to start acting more like a normal person. You know, maybe take a show every now and then. Or maybe, god only knows, maybe, be nice for once? And don't be jealous that your not a good boyfriend and lossing your girlfriend to a gay. That says more about you, than anyone else. You or any other straight guy doesn't know what it's like to be different like this. I wake up every morning wishing I wasn't gay so my parents will finally tell me they love me for the first time since I came out. So I can be more like my brother, who they love. Or waking up and thinking at the same time how much I just....wanna die because you know wherever you go, and who ever you talk to, you have to be careful and wait months, or even years to tell the person(s) that your gay. Or, and if you think being gay is a choice, than your crazy, because, why the hell would someone want to be something that is hated by so many people and that can get you killed or beat up or made fun of Take some time and realize that just because someone is/acts differently than you and your pack of dumbasses, doesn't mean you have to make fun of them.

Yeah...I just posted a comment on here and started reading the other comments. Can I just say that people calling 13 year olds pussies are dumb? And we don't like vagina because we don't so maybe the next time you ask a gay why he doesn't he'll hopefully ask why you do. Calling people fag is mean or any hurtful name to the gays. I also don't like the overly top girly acting ones, but that doesn't mean I need to get on here and write something to just try and hide the fact that I'm really gay and can't come to terms with myself. People need to just realize that this is a never ending battle. It's pointless for straights to hate gays. And oh dear god, when straights aren't friends with gays cause their scared they'll hit on them! HA so funny! because when a guy is like that, their normally ugly as hell. gays are people too and they should be treated like it too! Just because we like one thing different than straight guys doesn't mean a damn thing! And then when straight guys have butt sex with girls, than make fun of gays by calling them assfuckers or butt fuckers? Wth? It truely sadens me to see that this world has become so judgemental, it's sickenging.

"a biological glitch designed to tarnish the human race"

Did you know that there are countless species of animals where the males engage in sex with other males? No, it's not just *1 or 2* weirds animals. It's common, and the species are far from tarnished.


"Gay people are men that act like women, does anyone else see a problem with that?"

Yes, I see a problem with that. Gay people are people who prefer the same gender. Dykes act like men. Do you have a problem with lesbians?


"We hate gay people because they love to shop and they care deeply about how they look."

I love to shop, and I care quite a bit about how I look. Guess what? I'm a straight fucking female, you bigot.


"The revolting idea of a testosterone-fueled guy pouring out his emotions onto someone else's pathetic shoulder makes me sick to my stomach."

You have nothing but the Devil's lying tongue if you can dare say that you have never cried over something and needed someone to talk to. If you haven't, then please. When your mother or your wife (if you ever get married) or your kids (if you ever have any) become the victims of an ill-fated car crash and die...please, just remember how REVOLTING it is for a TESTOSTERONE-FUELED GUY to cry, and bite your fucking lip.


"if you guys want to put a big, throbbing, dick in your mouth"
"Hell, it probably tastes good (*shudder*)."
"There are people that get pleasure from fucking midgets covered in maple syrup, so I can't really judge you for licking the occasional cock."

You have obviously thought about this, long & hard. (Intended pun.) Why in the world would you describe these things so intricately if you weren't fantasizing about them yourself?


"We hate gay people because they steal women away from us. But not in the cool, "your girl likes my dick" kinda way; in the "let's stay up all night talking about who we think is cute" way. Why the fuck would a straight guy enjoy someone taking a girl away from them? We hate it when girls do that, and we hate it when gay guys do it."

I feel the need to point out several things about this paragraph.

1.) This is completely illogical and makes absolutely no sense. Do you know what an illogical fallacy is?
2.) I do believe this has happened to you before, or else you would have never crafted some kind of scenario like this and have been able to have such a strong opinion and distaste.
3.) I also believe that you may be upset because your girlfriend wasn't home to do your slaving and make your breakfast because she was out having a time with someone obviously more understanding than yourself.
4.) Maybe, just maybe, the night that your girlfriend spent with her gay male friend talking about things, he probably got her to realize how much of a douche you are and convinced her that she could do much, much better with VERY little effort.

And just how is staying up all night with someone, just talking, stealing a woman away?


"We hate you because you act like the most annoying species on earth: women."
"We hate gay people because they steal women away from us."

If women are the most annoying species on Earth, don't fucking complain that gay people steal us away from you.


Now, Boonstra. I'm a 16 year old female sophomore, and you have showed me the most extreme extent of ignorance and bigotry and immaturity that I have ever seen before. I have more respect for Hitler than I do you, which isn't much.

Be a good citizen, and not have reproduce. Thank you.

Wow , someone's got issues >_>

Look , Not every gay man is a queen.
We don,t all want to have fag hags and we don't all go crazy on cosmetics and stuff.

But even if we did , what does it CHANGE in your life.

If your girlfriend rather hang out with her best gay friend than you , then you're boring , what can I say?

It`s obviusly a joke,if you can`t take it,go and dig a nice deep grave to yourself. I loved it :D

Straight guys don't hate gay men because of the way they act. They hate them because their "macho" group mentality says they have to.

Fuck. I'm glad I'm a lesbian so I don't have to put up with that shit.

I just Facebooked the guy. Check out his profile picture:

Looks like all of that "gay information" like the fact that semen tastes good, etc. came from someone that really knows ;-)

Glad to see you're at least attempting a respite, but really the fact that you hate gays even because some act like women is pretty hateful and intolerant. I'm gay and I know I don't act like a woman.

I feel sorry for those who suppress social diversity. It's quite sad that they can't accept people as they are, not only that but label every god damn person as though some groups are better than others. You say you don't like fem gay men, what about the fem straight men? Guess what, nobody can't please everybody, especially not your immature dumbshit logic. No wonder girls you know would rather be talking about cute guys with gay friends then chill with you. Then you go on to say that you don't like them because they act like women. HAHAHA, that's pathetic, your like a gay dude stuck in a straight boy's body when you say that. Now, how about you get out of your damn narrow-minded perspective and accept the fact that diversity is the stepping stone of a awesome society and just like all the other labels that where so wrongly regarded (i.e. black, Jews, etc...) gays will soon to see their own equity in society just as your pretentious white ass does.

I'm gay and don't actually care what someone who wears a cap sideways thinks (I use the term loosely).

You bastard.

Oh well

wow. anybody who doesn't understand this guy is stupid. Let me dumb it down for you "stupid" folks. There are some girls who act like "plastic bitches". And there are gay guys who act the same way, and they get treated the same: with hate.

flamboyant neurotic narcissistic etc. women or gay men
= unfriendly feelings from other people

quit analyzing his article meticulously, he's got a good point

read between the lines..

Gay people should be sent to space. They should go live on mars and go start a "I like cock, and i'm a guy!" nation. Good luck reproducing!

You are an ignorant asshole who needs to learn a lot. I could write until my fingers get tired about all the things wrong with this article, but it isn't worth my time.

So basically, two things: 1.) Not all gay people act in this stereotypical manner. You cannot generalize ANY group of people. 2.) If they do act like that, what does it matter? People like you are the reason people are scared to be themselves.

Broaden your mind.

Okay this is the first article I have read on here and already I want to vomit. What kind of biggoted, sexist, xenophobic homophobe are you? Oh right, the normal narrow-minded douchebag kind. Firstly, you are stereotyping gay guys. Secondly, you are stereotyping women. Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with gay guys acting "like women". Finally, you are stereotyping straight guys by saying they all think assbackwards like you. They don't.

I'm gay, and gay guys who act like woman piss me off a little bit. I don't act like that, don't make it seem like all of us gay guys do that, we don't and some of us find it just as repulsive as you do.

It sounds like you have a problem with women more than a porblem with gay people.

Anyone that takes this post seriously or offense, get off the computer and go outside. Much better things are going on out there. You can't change someone's opinion, and they can't change yours.

He's not saying he hates women. He's saying he can't stand men trying to BE women. And I'm sorry, but as a woman, I have to agree with him -- there's *a lot* wrong with that.

Gay men/transsexuals are NOT women and never will be. Unless you were born with all the equipment (more or less), you'll never be a woman. No amount of surgery is going to turn you into one. Lack of a penis does not grant you automatic entry into our ranks. 'Less than male' does not equal 'female'.

So PLEASE stop acting like women and trying to affect our mannerisms: it's an insult.

Ben's picture

Katia your comments shows an incredible amount of ignorance. Gay men aren't women, no kidding! Nor would we want to be, I'm gay, and I like being a guy. Feminine gay guys like being guys! It's a same sex attraction, if I wanted to be a woman I'd identify as transgendered.

Feminine acting gay guys are normally acting how they feel, it's not normally a conscience effort or an attempt to make a mockery of an entire gender! Let alone emulate one

Transgendered people feel they were born into the wrong body, these people's feelings and identity are recognised in their human rights. Many post op trans people identify as trans. The reason for trying to identify as their chosen gender may be through personal need or to be accepted by society. I do know a couple of individuals however I am not trans and therefore do not fully understand the reasons.

Less than male does not make you female?? Firstly women should not be less than male to begin with... And trans people are not less than anyone! Sadly our society does sometimes treat women as second class citizens, and trans people are treated worse than gay people. As a gay person I have had my fair share of trouble from intolerant people, facing attitudes that are quite horrid.

Watching bigots actions go unquestioned, seeing people's feeling hurt or day ruined, and personally having a brick taken to my new car I would just ask people to be a little less judgemental, it really is none of your business how people live their lives! Try to realise the courage it takes to be yourself, if yourself is something society doesn't always like. Life's far too short to ruin it for other people. History should have taught us by now that Ignorance and intolerance should be feared. Look at the treatment of black people. What about the jewish people along with those who wore the pink triangle and the disabled. Look at modern day Uganda. There is ENOUGH hate out there, and all it takes to escalate is for good people to stand by and do nothing.


Ben's picture

You may be angry, and so you should be, but calling him a prick is about as productive as not responding at all as a certain person appears to have chosen to do. Correct me if I am wrong. From experience calling bigots pricks tends to strengthen their argument by giving them some form of delusion of moral superiority.
Just saying.

I am equally annoyed by being called biological glitch designed to tarnish the human race by an ignorant bigot, but then being told that's not why 'we' hate gays . It's disgracefully intolerant.

Katie you have alot of issues and i feel sorry for you :(

Hmmm, well, I'm gay, and people consider me masculine, and I've found that it actually makes straight guys even MORE uncomfortable around me. In fact, I've had straight men specifically tell me that, that it trips them out how I'm masculine and dress masculine, and I'm also gay. I think straight guys like to think that they'd be more comfortable and happy if gay men were more masculine, and I think they're full of $h!t. I think straight guy like their gay men queeny.

I am straight , I love womens and of course wrestling and remember kids I am also the best in the world at what i do.

Fuck you gay ass FAGGOTS. I hope you all burn in hell!( I dont sugarcoat)

Ben's picture

That's just lovely, and very constructive too!

Fair enough, you don't sugar coat, but you don't make much sense either.

Don't get me wrong, personally I prefer my bigots to act like yourself, then everyone can see you're a moron.

Jees! Don't you have anything better to do than to respond to every insignificant comment?
Get a life!

Bryan Jason D.'s picture

Personally, I don't get why other straight people are so worked up about gay people. I'm straight (FUCK, I LOVE THE TITS AND THE PUSSY!) and I have gay friends. They respect me for what I am and I in turn respect them for what they are. It's true, it's irritating as hell when flamboyant, cross-dressing gay people make come-ons and lewd suggestions at me but you know what?


If you lump every gay person on Earth with that stereotype, the social stigma about being openly gay will never go away. Tolerance will never be accepted in society. And if you can't accept them for what they are, why can't you leave them alone? Jeez, don't you guys know the Golden Rule? Ya know, the one about doing unto others what you want them to do to you? I thought your parents drilled this into your heads a long time ago. If you can't stand them, well fuck, just leave 'em be and go your separate ways. Easy, right?

That being said, homosexual people should also understand that straight guys and girls will always see something bad about being gay. It's okay, you can accept that just as straight people can accept that you're gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay but as long as you bitch and bicker about being persecuted for being gay, that'll just empower the straights. You don't need to defend what and who you are because within yourself, you know who and what you are. Your words and reasons give them power over you. That just means they're getting under your skin. Try ignoring everything they say about you. They'll get tired, you'll see. :)

Fuck, now I need my medication...

PS. I found the article kinda funny. Then again, I like offensive humor because I never get offended. If you try to offend me, I'll just end up offending you more. :P

I'm gonna start this off by saying I don't hate you cause you hate gays. Or that you called them ''fudge packers'' at the beginning of this post. You're entitled to your own opinion so ''more power to you''. I hate you because you've completely stereotyped the gay population like a script writer for a bad comedy. Obviously you don't know any gay men, and you only hate them because you and you're jocky high school friends think they're retarded. Or to quote you properly ''a biological glitch''. So listen here ''bro'' you need to mature and learn to live in a realilistic world. Every gay man I know acts more manly than you, gay people don't walk arount with purses and complain with us ''women'' woh are apparently ''biological glitches'' as well, about their periods and how hard it is to make dinner and clean our house and wait for our husbands who are like you to get home and fuck us so we can pop out some babies. No and most gay men get up go to work and go home at the end of the day. And honestly you disgust me with you,re fucking views and nasty ass personality. I honestly hope that you grow up, get married to some bitch of a woman, and have a son or daughter and I hope your child grows up normal all the way until adolesence when he/she finally gets the balls to tell you they're gay or lesbian, and I hope after that you go into a horrible state of depression, and learn to love the gay lesbian and transgender population for who they are you disgustion piece of living breathing shit.
Fuck you

Faggots should all be shot. Abominations at best that justify acceptance by forcing tolerance down our throats. We dont have to tolerate anything u fairies do, no will we ever. So please feel free to cry about me after i submit my one post to this random site, using your tears as lube to thrust your cocks into each others asses. Fuck you faggots and your liberal bs, and enjoy the slow painful aids that will ravage your bodies and send you all where you belong, in the ground as worm food.

You bring nothing to society. Gay's are a plague, which if allowed to continue, will hinder the progress of humanity. But, in the governments defense, this is their way of controlling the population, while keeping everyone happy. It's devious, but still, fuck gay people. Your mind has got the best of you. Quite obviously it is not us who are narrow minded. If you are gay, it was a choice. The mind can be devious to itself, and homosexuality is proof of that. You are not born gay, stop saying you are. There is no PROOF that it is genetic... it only, "suggests". Fuckin people man.. I'd shoot you on site if you entered my property holding hands with someone of the same sex... and I'm atheist! Am I afraid of you? Nope, because you are inferior.

where do you live? i want to make out with my girlfriend on your property.

^ Bisexual is different though... at least they have the decency to procreate. You were born with organs to fulfill a certain task. Evolution dictates that gay is wrong.

I don't hate gay guys because they act like woman, I hate that some gay guys have attitudes that far surpass a woman's attitude issues, I hate the theoretical drama and jealousy they have... its bullshit, you give other really cool gay guys a bad name, its depressing and sad, if your gay and people accept it, and are trying to be friendly with you, don't be mean and hostile to me coz you want to get in bed with my boyfriend, if he doesn't want you don't blame it on me and think you can push me and tell me to "fuck off" to get him.. I've experienced this so many times, its bullshit!!!! I love gay guys I have lots of gay friends, but for those that think that you can push around people on the basis that you gay...FUCK YOU!!!!! and for those really cool gays out there, I'm sorry this is not a comment for you!!!

I'm not even gonna comment on the contents of this article, but I have just one thing to say to the poster, Alex: I know your self summary is supposed to be a joke and I get that, but... Do you realize Russia wasn't "Soviet Russia" until 1917? In 1890 it was a semi-feudal country ruled by Tsar, essentially a King. Again I know its a joke but theres no irony in the historical error so I thought I'd point it out because most likely you just didn't know.

you think the CIA invented AIDS...
your a dumb mother fucking creationist

you think the CIA invented AIDS...
your a dumb mother fucking creationist

i laughed at the fact that he write "Sincerely , Silence Dogood" hahaa.

Hahaha you know what funny? After the guy who post this said gay dudes act like women with the whining and bitching, a bunch of gay dudes and women are whinging and bitching in the comments. Talk about Irony. Trolled. xD

Holy shit. The author looks like the biggest douchebag frat bro. His picture practically screams, "I'm a tool!".

I think you are the gayest men on Earth, I've never knew a men that hated so much a woman, even gay mens have girlfriends before, but with that attitude you'll never find a girlfriend just a sexy gay macho men that hate women just like you.

Gays are not the same they sometimes act like a men, but idiots like you act all the same.

I agree men should act like men..all the gay guys are going to comment and say so women should be hated is that what you're saying?? No faggot you aren't a woman we're talking about you shit pokers act like a man even if you are a ass rider..leave that question for the women..go clean the shit and shit smells off your dicks..

so i took the time to read your comment and i think your a piece of shit worthless asshole who needs to be stoned to death.. let me guess your probably a fuckin nigger or a dumb red neck christian two things i hate..and as for let woman answer that question i think you need to clean the shit off your worthless monkey brain you dumb prick .. there is no god you piece of shit get over your damn religion i love gays they make me happy there you have it dick face ... oh yeah i hate you as a person and as a women ...good day asshole i hope you crawl back under the rock that nasty stank you call your mother brith you in :)

dear alex,

I cannot even start to explain how wrong,and shallow minded you are.
Granted there are a lot of gay people who do "act like women",i get that some dye there hair,and use products to look after themselves,but that is there own choice not all gay people do that,i disagree that gay people are more vain than any straight woman or man.

There are some gay people that have a distinct "gay" sound to there voice,this is mainly because they grow up around women,as in schools and such they are cast out from hanging around immature,and insecure "straight males".

As in regards to AIDS yes i know in about the 70's it popped up and there were more gay than straight people that seemed to have it,however studies show its actualy straight people who are more likely to have AIDS than gay people now,so somewhere along the line it must of been "Passed on".

Iam gay i dont use products to look after myself,i dont dye my hair,i dont knowingly or intentionally ever talk like a woman,i wear mens clothes,i act like a man,i do manly things,there maybe be the odd movie than i like that might be a chick flick or listening to the odd bit of britney spears music,but if that offends anyone they really need to re-evaluate their lives,what i watch,listen to,who i love is nothing to do with anyone else,being in love is not a choice,its something that just happens and everyone whos been in love know,weather its a man or a woman no one makes themselves fall in love.

Being gay is something people are born as,it is not a choice,i dont understand the stigma as to how its "wrong" or "un-natural" maybe its just gods way of evolution,trying to kill out the millions or narrow minded,ass holes,like yourself who think the way you do,and make more open minded,loving and intelligent people.

May i also ask,when did you decide to be straight?
when did you decide you liked women?
when did you decide that you wanted to repopulate the earth with more closed minded biggots like yourself?
when you first fell in love,did you choose that person or did it just happen?

What a bro mentality it took to write this, gratz on the "rad" life you have ahead. I can't wait to get a man, never have to deal with womanly drama, periods, mind games, and that fishy vag smell the rest of my life and still get to have surrogate kids that would be all mine, not adopted orphans as you may be :p

This is crazy. I wrote a comment on this post in 2009. It is now 2012 and it is still getting comments.