I Probably Shouldn't Ask This But... (Part 2)

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Isn't "black security guard" an oxymoron?

What color do Native Americans turn when they get embarrassed?

Is it accurate to assume every physically disabled guy is a handyman?

Have Islamic terrorists ever considered that it might be easier to just hang out around high schools with a bottle of liquor and try to fuck 72 virgins?

Has the oil spill created jobs?

Do Jewish people think WWJD means "What Would Jew Do?"

Which drugs is it best to do if there's a chance you'll be drug tested?

Do homeless people ever feel bad about the "beggars can't be choosers" argument when asking for a quarter?

Not trying to dwell on the past but... can somebody explain exactly what constitutes date rape?

C'mon, one more:

Wow, these were shit, like you.

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Sounds like a privileged white guy whose life didn't turn out like he planned, if I had to guess.

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Yeah, it's not too hard for Court to track down anonymous posters. He kind of has access to that IP address and what not.

no offense but those weren't exactly very witty

Why is this garbage categorized as
"Seriously Deep Thoughts Questions.." on 2leep?


i found them amusing. hush, hater.

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Do rape victims count their rapist when listing their sexual partners?

"Hey Jim, I noticed another notch in the bed post."
"Yeah, I got raped in the park last night."

1. Could a little white boy like you be a security guard?

2. Sure, they turn red too. Just not as red as you do, white boy.

3. Is it accurate to assume all white people are as stupid as you are?

4. Did you seriously think that people in high school are still virgins? Just because you're not getting any doesn't mean other people aren't.

5. Do you even really give a shit about the oil spill? Or anything besides yourself, for that matter?

6. Jesus was a Jew. Really. It's in the Bible.

7. Did you mean which drug IS the best, or which drugS ARE the best? Retard.

8. Homeless people are still people, and if you ever get what's coming to you, you'll end up worse.

9. How about when an Islamic terrorist tries to fuck some poor high school girl?

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Oh boy. The anonymous ones have come out of their momma's basements and their mad. Loser's mad. Loser's smash.

I thought it was funny. :)

and they're* mad

" Loser's mad. Loser's smash "? possessive proper noun ?

I thought I was funny. :(

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That last post was actually by me. I thought it would be funnier with that author name.

I stand by my decision.

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1. Oxen are not morons. Fuck you.
2. Native American is a racist term. They prefer to be called little Indians.
3. Maintenance men are people too, you bigot.
4. Underage age drinking is a crime. I'm reporting you to the cops. As a faggot. Or Virgin. Or both.
5. Stop making fun of Mexicans.
6. Woody Allen was a Jew. It's in the bible. Duh.
7. Crystal meth. Retard.
8.I forget the question but I hate your face.
9. Your mom.